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Daniell & Sons Breweries Ltd

The company was formed in 1887 by the merger of Daniell & Sons of West Bergholt and Daniell Brothers of Colchester. The Castle Brewery in Colchester was closed by 1892 and brewing concentrated at the West Bergholt Brewery. The company survived until 1958 when they sold out to Truman, Hanbury & Buxton Ltd. Both Colchester and West Bergholt appeared on the labels and other advertising material until closure; Colchester being the brewing offices and company address and West Bergholt the brewery.

Nourishing Stout probably pre WW1

Milk Stout preWW1

Oatmeal Stout 1920s half pint

Oatmeal Stout 1920s

Double Stout 1920s pint

Double Stout 1920s half pint

Dinner Ale 1920s pint

Dinner Ale 1920s half pint

Dinner Ale 1920s pint

Dinner Ale 1920s half pint

No 2 Stout 1920s

Stopper seal 1920s

Dark Ale 1930s

Dark Dan Ale 1930s

Light Ale 1930s

Light Dan Ale 1930s

Double Dan Special Ale 1930s

Double Stout 1930s

Double Stout wartime

Dark Dan wartime

Light Dan wartime

XXXX Strong Ale wartime

Dark Ale 1940s

Dark Dan Ale 1940s

Dark Dan 1940s

Light Ale 1940s

Light Dan Ale 1940s

Light Dan Ale 1940s

XXXX Strong Ale 1940s

Double Stout 1940s

Double Dan Blue Cap 1940s

Double Dan Special Ale 1940s

Light Dan Ale 1950s

Coronation Ale 1953

Dark Dan 1950s

Double Dan 1950s

Double Stout 1950s

Essex Brown 1950s

Guinness after 1936