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Harman’s Uxbridge Brewery Ltd

The Old Brewery was founded in the first half of the 18th century. Harman’s Uxbridge Brewery Ltd was registered in 1924 and consisted of S.R.Conron of Hornchurch and Alice Webb of Uxbridge which traded as Harman & Co. They were acquired by Courage & Co in 1962 and had stopped brewing by 1964.

Uxbridge Ale pre 1924

Celebrated Pale Ale 1920s 30s

Strong XXXX Ale 1920s 30s

Stout 1920s 30s

Family Stout 1920s 30s

Brown Ale 1920s 30s

Brown Ale 1940s

Celebrated Pale Ale 1940s

Stout 1940s

Brown Ale 1950s

Pale Ale 1950s

Pale Ale 1950s

Stout 1950s

Strong XXXX Ale 1950s

Stopper labels 1920s to 1950s

Coronation Ale 1953

Brown Ale late 1950s

Garland Ale late 1950s

Pale Ale late 1950s

Pale Ale late 1950s

Strong XXXX Ale late 1950s

Strong XXXX Ale late 1950s

Snip Stout late 1950s

Snip Stout late 1950s

Stout late 1950s

Stopper label late 1950s

Climaxe 1960s

Summit 1960s


3 Responses to Harman’s Uxbridge Brewery Ltd

  • Just come across these labels and the brewery, I didn’t know until today that there was a Harman brewery, are any if not all of these labels for sale anywhere

  • Some of these on eBay right now,I am considering reproducing for my homebrew bottles

  • Have been trying to find pictures of the Green Man which was in George Green and sold Harmans ale and stout .

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