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Bushell, Watkins, Smith Ltd

The Black Eagle Brewery was founded around 1840 and registered as B.C.Bushell and Co Ltd in 1894.

W.F.Watkins & Son operated the Swan Brewery in Westerham.

The Sevenoaks Brewery was founded in 1830 and was known as Alfred Smith & Co. 

The company became Bushell, Watkins Ltd in 1897 and Bushell, Watkins & Smith Ltd in 1899 as a result of two mergers. Brewing was concentrated at the Black Eagle Brewery. The company was acquired in 1948 by Taylor Walker of Limehouse when 102 public houses were owned. Brewing continued until 1965.


Kent Bitter Ale 1920s

Cooper 1920s

Dinner Ale 1920s

Dinner Ale 1930s

Audit Ale 1920s

Audit Ale 1930s

Audit Ale 1940s

Family Stout 1930s

Brown Ale 1930s

Brown Ale 1940s

Double Stout 1930s

Double Stout 1940s

Light Ale 1930s

Light Ale 1940s

Pale Ale 1920s

Pale Ale 1930s

Pale Ale 1940s

Special Pale Ale 1940s

Stout 1930s

Stout 1940s

Winter Ale 1930s

Winter Ale 1940s

Stopper labels

Guinness post 1936

Guinness 1940s

Guinness 1940s a

Coronation Ale 1953


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