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Mellersh & Neale Ltd

Founded during the sixteenth century and based in the High Street, Reigate, Surrey. The company was registered in May 1899 as above. Acquired by Meux’s Brewery Co Ltd in June of 1938 together with 94 public houses. Brewing ceased in the same year and the brewery buildings were demolished in 1988.


First Prize Stout


Dinner Ale No 1 v1

Dinner Ale No 1 v2

Dinner Ale No 2

Dinner Ale No 2 Cap seal

Oatmeal Stout

Single Stout

Light Bitter Ale v1

Light Bitter Ale v2

Brown Ale (v1)

Brown Ale (v2)

Brown Ale v3

Brown Ale v4

India Pale Ale v1

India Pale Ale v2

India Pale Ale v3