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Arnold & Hancock Ltd

The Wiveliscombe Brewery was founded by William Hancock in 1807 and registered as William Hancock & Sons (Wiveliscombe) Ltd. in 1896. The Rowbarton Brewery in Taunton was founded in 1876 and registered in 1898 as S. W. Arnold & Sons Ltd. The two companies merged in 1927 to from Arnold & Hancock Ltd and were taken over by Ushers Wiltshire brewery Ltd in 1955. The Taunton brewery closed in 1955 and the Wiveliscombe brewery in 1959. Hancock appear to have had a controlling interest in the merged company as the labels eventually followed their original design. The order of the towns on the label seems to indicate where brewing took place. Unfortunately we currently have no examples of labels from the original breweries to add.

Pale Ale 1920s Taunton brewed

Pale Ale 1920s Wiveliscombe brewed

Stout 1920s Wiveliscombe brewed

Strong Ale 1920s Wiveliscombe brewed

Home Brewed 1920s Taunton brewed

Stout 1920s Taunton brewed

Home Brewed 1930s Wiveliscombe brewed

Home Brewed 1930s Taunton brewed

Stout 1930s Wiveliscombe brewed

Guinness pre 1936

Pale Ale 1940s Wiveliscombe brewed

Pale Ale 1930s Taunton brewed

Antler Ale 1930s

Stopper labels

Stout 1940s Wiveliscombe brewed

Antler Ale 1940s

Antler Ale half pint 1950s

Antler Ale pint 1950s