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Portsmouth & Brighton United Breweries Ltd

In 1896, The Portsmouth United Breweries Ltd was formed by the merger of the Elm Brewery, the Beehive Brewery, both in Portsmouth and the Cosham Steam Brewery, Cosham. The name was changed in 1927 when the Rock Brewery of Brighton was acquired and soon closed. Brewing in Portsmouth was concentrated at the Elm Brewery. When the company was taken over by Brickwood & Co Ltd in 1953, 271 public houses were owned. The brewery closed in 1962.

Labels from the Rock brewery can be found HERE

Mild Ale pre 1927

United Pale Ale 1928

United Brown Ale 1928

United Dark Ale 1928

Pompey XXXXX 1920s

XXXXX Export Beer 1930s

Pompey XXXXX 1930s

'Pompey' Double Brown Ale 1930s

Mild Ale 1930s

India Pale Ale 1930s

Double Stout 1930s

Stopper label 1930s

Guinness post 1936

Guinness post 1936

India Pale Ale 1945

Brown Ale 1940s

India Pale Ale 1940s

India Pale Ale 1940s

Pompey Light 1940s

Pompey Royal 1940s

Pompey XXXX 1940s

Pompey XXXXX 1940s

Double Stout 1940s

Brown Ale post 1953

Double Stout post 1953

Pompey Royal post 1953


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