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Long & Co (Southsea) Ltd

The Southsea Brewery was founded 1814 and passd into the Long family in 1839. First registered in 1924, which provides good dating evidence for some labels and taken over by Brickwood & Co in 1933. The brewery was closed in 1934, and such was the reputation of Long’s beers, the name was used by Brickwoods for some time afterwards.

Oatmalt Stout 1900s

Luncheon Stout 1920s

Light Bitter Ale pre 1924

Stout pre 1924

Bitter Beer 1920s

Stopper label pre 1924

Longs Light Bitter Ale pre 1933

Oatmalt Stout pre 1933

Gold Cup Ale pre 1933

Gold Cup Ale Brickwood Brew

Light Bitter Ale pre 1933

Light Bitter Ale Long Brew post 1933

Bitter Ale pre 1933

Bitter Ale Long Brew post 1933

First Prize Stout pre 1933

First Prize Stout post 1933

Oatmalt Stout Brickwood Brew

Light Bitter Ale Brickwood brew

Dinner Ale Brickwood Brew


2 Responses to Long & Co (Southsea) Ltd

  • I am interested because my maternal grandfather was the son of the Longs. They lived in a large house called Down End. My Grandfathers name was Edwin Walter Long.I never met him as he died long before I was born.

  • We have found a circa 750ml Long and Co glass bottle. How much is it worth do you know?

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