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John Fielder & Son Ltd

The Titchfield Brewery was founded in 1744, the date on many of their labels, and acquired by the Fielder family in 1852. The company was first registered in 1947, which is helpful in dating their labels. Taken over by Whitbread & Co with about 12 tied houses, in 1961.

Dinner Bitter Ale 1920s

Family Stout 1920s

Stout 1920s

Dinner Bitter Ale 1930s

Stout 1930s

Brown Ale 1930s

XXXX Brown Ale 1930s

Special Bitter Ale 1930s

Dinner Bitter Ale cask label

Stock Bitter Ale casl label

Guinness pre 1936

Guinness post 1936

Stout post 1944

Special Bitter Ale post 1944

Brown Ale post 1944

Stopper labels

Abbey Ale 1960s

Brown Ale 1960s

Light Ale 1960s

Stout 1960s


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