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Flitton’s Brewery Ltd

There was a brewery in operation in Stotfold from the middle of the 19th Century and was operated by George & John Flitton. The company was known as Flitton Brothers until 1937 when it was registered as Flitton’s Brewery Ltd. It was acquired by Whitbread & Co Ltd in 1948 and closed soon afterwards.

Family Stout before 1937

Double Brown before 1937

Light Dinner Ale before 1937

Oatmeal Stout before 1937

Extra Ale before 1937

XX Mild Ale before 1937

Stout before 1937

Stopper labels 1930s

Stopper label before 1937

F B B Bitter Beer after 1937

Brown Ale after 1937

Brown Ale 1940s

Extra Ale after1937

Extra Ale 1940s

Light Dinner Ale 1940s

Oatmeal Stout 1940s

Stingo Strong Ale after 1937

Stingo Strong Ale 1940s

Mild Ale after 1937

Mild Ale 1940s

Family Stout 1940s

Mellow Stout late 1940s