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Tennant Brothers Ltd

The original Exchange Brewery was established in 1820 and purchased by Edward and Robert Tennant in 1840. The brewery on Bridge Street was completed in the 1850s. The company was first registered in 1882as Tennant Brothers Ltd and merged with Whitbread  & Co in 1962, when over 700 public houses were owned. It then became known as Whitbread East Pennines. Final closure came in 1993.

1911 Coronation Mik Stout

Wharncliffe Extra Strong Ale 1920s

Oatmeal Stout 1920s

Stopper labels 1920s

Extra Special Stout 1920s

Light Dinner Ale 1920s

Nut Brown Ale 1930s

Pale Ale 1930s

Strong Ale 1930s

Stopper labels 1930s

1937 Coronation Mik Stout

1937 Coronation Milk Stout stopper

Guinness post 1936

Nut Brown Ale 1930s

Brown Ale 1940s

Brown Ale 1940s

Double Brown Ale 1940s

Double Export Amber Ale 1940s

Pale Ale 1940s

Pale Ale 1940s

Malt Stout 1940s

Export Ale 1940s

Gold Label Barley Wine 1940s

Gold Label Barley Wine 1950s

No 1 Barley Wine 1940s

No 1 Barley Wine 1950s

Roses Oatmeal Stout 1940s

Roses Original Stout 1940s

Roses Original Stout 1940s 3

Roses Original Stout 1940s

Brown Ale early 1950s

Brown Ale early 1950s

Double Brown Strong Ale early 1950s

Double Export Amber Ale early 1950s

Tennant, Lion Brown Ale early 1950s

Family Brown Ale late 1950s

Lion Pale Ale 1950s

Light Dinner Ale late 1950s

Malt Stout early 1950s

Malt Stout early 1950s

Lion Brown Ale late 1950s

Glucose Stout late 1950s

Pale Ale early 1950s

Pale Ale early 1950s

Don Jon Ale 1960s

Glucose Stout 1960s

Lion Brown Ale 1960s

Lion Pale Ale late 1950s

Lion Pale Ale 1960s


3 Responses to Tennant Brothers Ltd

  • These are superb. There cannot be many labels that they produced that are not represented here. Are you sure the date stamping of their labels using a binary number code was in operation by the late 1940s? In which case the ones you have dated as 1950 should be earlier.

  • Thank you to Geoff, who has sent a number of images of Tennant Bros. labels. It shows that even when we add a large number of labels from one brewery, and some think there cannot be many more, that someone will find some additional examples. It also raises another point about the dreaded apostrophe.

  • The ‘dreaded apostrophe’ as Peter has termed it is quite a conundrum as there seems to be on consistence on when or why is appears before the S, after the S or not at all! What could the brewery been thinking when producing these variations!

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