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J. Harris Browne, Hadley Brewery

The Hadley Brewery was founded as early as 1700 and came into the possession of J. Harris Browne in 1887. The company was registered as Harris Browne Ltd in 1930. When they were bought out by Fremlins Ltd in 1938 they owned 4 pubs and 2 off-licences. The brewery was closed very quickly and you do wonder what the logic was of the takeover by Fremlins. What we can be pleased about is the number of beautiful labels they left behind.

Brown Ale pre WW1

Dinner Stout pre WW1

Hadley Stout pre WW1

Oatmeal Stout pre WW1

Special Pale Ale pre WW1

A 1 Ale 1920s

Dinner Ale 1920s

Double Stout 1920s

Hadley Stout 1920s

Oatmeal Stout 1920s

Bitter Ale 1930s

English Old Ale 1930s

India Pale Ale 1930s

Stopper label 1930s