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Crosswell’s Cardiff Brewery Ltd

The brewery was originally founded as an agency for the sale of Showell’s Brewery beers in South Wales. The company was registered as Crosswell’s Cardiff Brewery Ltd in 1897 to amalgamate the Caerphilly & Castle Brewery Ltd with Crosswells Ltd. Acquired by Andrew Buchan’s Rhymney Breweries in 1936 and brewing ended in 1947. It would be interesting to know if the different designs of the beehive corresponded to particular years. I have assumed that the Queen Street Offices were the first, followed by St Mary Street.

Invalid Stout early 20th Century

Bitter Ale Quart 1920s

Extra Brown Stout 1920s

Home Brewed Ale Pint 1920s

Home Brewed Ale Quart 1920s

Mild Ale Pint 1920s

Mild Ale Quart 1920s

Strong Ale 1920s

Strong Ale Pint 1920s

Strong Ale Half 1930s

Strong Ale Half 1930s

Home Brewed Ale Half 1930s

Bitter Ale Pint 1930s

Mild Ale 1930s

Mild Ale Half 1930s

Mild Ale Pint 1930s

Oatmeal Stout Pint 1930s

Oatmeal Stout Pint 1930s

Oatmeal Stout Quart 1930s


5 Responses to Crosswell’s Cardiff Brewery Ltd

  • I have found a small brown bottle with crosswells of Cardiff etched on it can you tell me if it is worth anything .

  • I’m looking for help in identifying an old photograph. The picture would have been taken at the turn of the last century, probably 1900-1920ish. It is of a man aged around 20-30 and a boy aged in mid teens. They are standing outside a pub with a sign –
    Crown & Anchor
    Advertising on the ground floor windows and the window above the main door show the words – Bass in a bottle. Would you be able to help with a possible location for this pub?
    Thank you.

  • Found two cross wells brewery brown bottles complete in very good condition

  • I am interested in anything to do with Croswells. Are you looking to sell the bottle/s?

  • Clive I have a group photograph of the workforce and presumably management / owners c 1910 I’m looking to sell

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