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Kirkstall Brewery Co. Ltd.

The brewery was operated by a Thomas Walker prior to 1834. It was acquired by Benjamin Dawson around 1845 and registered in 1871 to acquire Benjamin Dawson & Co. The reconstructed company was registered in 1899. Purchased in 1936 by Dutton’s Blackburn Brewery Ltd., together with 83 public houses. Whitbread & Co. Ltd. purchased the brewery in 1953 & it was closed in 1983. The buildings are now used as student accommodation.

Kirkstall Abbey Ale

Kirkstall Abbey Best Mild

Kirkstall ABC Special Mild

Kirkstall No1 Pale Ale

Kirkstall No 5 Extra Strong

Kirkstall Pale Ale v1

Kirkstall Pale Ale v2

Kirkstall Nectar Special Pale

Kirkstall Nectar Ale

Kirkstall Special Pale