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Peter Walker & Sons (Warrington & Burton) Ltd

The company was founded in 1864 and the Dallam, Warrington brewery built 2 years later. There were Burton on Trent branches at the Midland Brewery, which operated from 1890 -95 and the Shobnall Brewery, which operated until 1923, when all brewing was concentrated at Warrington. Although brewing exclusively at Warrington, the name was not changed to Peter Walker (Warrington) Ltd until 1948. The umbrella company was Walker Cain Ltd after the merger with Robert Cain in 1921, Tetley Walker after the merger with Tetley of Leeds in 1960 and Allied Breweries from 1961, although the name Peter Walker (Warrington) Ltd remained in use until much later. Final closure of the Dallam brewery came in 1996.

British Lager Brewed in Burton

British Lager Brewed in Burton

Dark British Lager Brewed in Burton

Pale Ale Brewed in Burton

Light Bitter Beer Brewed in Burton

Light Dinner Ale Brewed in Burton

Strong Ale Brewed in Burton

Strong Ale brewed in Warrington

Champagne Bitter

Dietetic Stout

Munition Ale

Warrington Stout

Little Peter Strong Ale

Big Peter

Export Stout

Extra Stout

Pale Ale

Pale Ale

Pale Ale

Pale Ale

Pale Ale

No. 1 Strong Ale

Tenpenny from George Shaw

Extra Stout from George Shaw

Double Stout

Double Stout

Double Stout

Imperial Stout

Vitamin Stout

Walker's Stout

Dietetic Stout

Dietetic Stout

Family Ale

Light Bitter Beer


Warrington Ale

Does anyone know what the beer was?

1937 Coronation Ale

SB Sherry Bright

Brown Peter Ale

Brown Peter Ale


3 Responses to Peter Walker & Sons (Warrington & Burton) Ltd

  • I have a suspicion that the “Does anyone know what this beer was?” label is probably a printer’s or label designer’s sample label for the brewery. The quality/style of beer would be inserted where “BREWERS” is on the label in the gallery and the name of bottler or “Bottled at the Brewery” inwould replace the “squirly-whirly” design beneath the central horizontal insertion. Regards, Alastair

  • Hi,
    It could be as Alistair says, a test print but I know that they made India Real Pale Ale.
    I can’t see that on here. I am his (Big Peters) great great great granddaughter, however I am no expert on who brewed what, exactly, as I wasn’t born!
    Before anyone asks, I don’t have any money so no, I can’t buy anyone a pint.

  • Peter Walker`s first brewery in Warrington , after the move from Everton was the rental of Pemberton`s Old Brewery (eventually purchased outright in the last 1/4 of the 19 th century , and latterly opperated the King St Brewery which i believe closed sometime around 1904 ? , the Dallam Lane Brewery was only built in the 1870`s .

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