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Brasserie De La Chasse Royale, Bruxelles, Belgium

The ‘Royal Hunt’ Brewery was built in an area of Brussels which had been used as a Royal hunting ground many years before. It closed in 1968.

I am not much good at dating these labels but the R.C.B. number which is used to identify breweries in Belgium was introduced in the early 1950s as far as I am aware. R.C.B. 3046 was used for La Chasse Royale. It was compulsory on all labels for use in Belgium, I am not sure about export labels. That would date the rectangular labels as 1950 and 60s.

Thanks to Eric, for the loan of these labels and I gather he is not averse to an offer for one or more of the set.


Bière Supra

Bière Speciale 1

Vox Pilsner 2

Vox Pilsner 1

Vox Pilsner 3

La Lorraine 2

La Lorraine 3

La Lorraine 3

La Lorraine 4

Bière de Table 1

Bière de Table 2

Bière de Table 3

Bock 1

Bock 2

Bock 3

Bock 4

Bock 5

Bock 6

Export 1

Export 2

Export 3

Bavière 1

Bavière 2

Foncée 1

Foncée 2

Foncee 3

Orge 1

Orge 2


Extra Stout 1

Faro 1


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