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Mystery label #23

We didn’t have much luck with Denis’ York stopper label, but he is still optimistic! He has another group to feed into this series starting with this one. There are several established collectors with a Kent connection, so who can tell us about this??

Burtons Stores

3 Responses to Mystery label #23

  • Interesting label. Is it just a local ‘stores’ label or was it also a local bottler? A quick check of a list of bottlers that I have unfortunately does not give any clues as to the origins of this label.

  • Lovely label ! As I patrolled the town as PC on a regular basis i will try to speak to old friends in the town and council who may be able to help.

  • This label was issued by Williamson & Thompson, grocers and wine merchants of 57/58 High Street, Gravesend. They are listed in Kellys Directories of 1903 qnd 1913. Unfortunately I have no clue as to the brewer of the beer.

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