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Alan GM

Reffells Bexley. I went to an all boys grammar school in Bexley – my interest in this brewery has been there from the start of my collection when I was about 10 yrs old !! The sharp eyed amongst you will want to compare this label with the similar one in the Reffell’s Gallery.


Kangaroo Bass. I have always liked older Bass labels !! The first ever brewery related trade mark and in fact the first ever trade mark registered in 1873 is Bass. Bass and Guinness were both massive producers and exporters; many older breweries bottled their beers as well as established bottling companies like C G Hibbert. The brand name was first registered in 1880.


Oval McEwan label.    I paid £55 for this label outbidding another top collector when only him and I were active on a well-known internet auction site.  It was probably around 1999 !!!   I’m sure no hard feelings .   I regret now not bidding higher on some lovely rare labels that were being sold at that time. But as long as they go to a good home / collector I have no problems.


Polar Bear Brand.      Just a lovely looking label that I know is extremely rare.   I wonder who else has it ?    I would guess possibly one other ?? !!   I wonder if anyone knows anything more about it.


Shepherd Neame, just a lovely tall slim label from a brewery I used to visit if I was working in Faversham as a police dog handler due to thefts of beer or kegs. One of my favourites of their labels.


The old sea captain is just a superb label and I might need to escape this island one day !!!    He might com

e to life !!!   I am sure someone out there knows who brewed it.


Fremlin’s Oatmeal Stout is a superb label I got from South America !!!    Who else has got one ??   I guess less than 5 collectors ??   But – please prove me wrong !!   I have the neck strap too. And of course it is from Fremlin Brothers and in use before the 1920sClipboard09 Joan brand.    Is just the most gorgeous design of label I have ever seen.

Clipboard03Kelsey.   Living in Kent I have chosen this lovely old rectangle.  Good to be part of the Kelsey’s featured brewery as well. I have only within the last couple of years realised that the oval labels from the brewery come as both matt and glossy !!!


Diamond shaped MY label.   McEwan-Younger !!!    A company set up specifically to co-ordinate both companies export, naval and military sales. Again a very rare label and I doubt many collectors will have it let alone of seen one !!

Well that’s my ten. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Looking forward to the next collector’s set


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