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Poynings Brewery

The brewery in the village of Poynings was established in 1851 and from 1855 was owned by George Stephen Cuttress, who also owned much property in and around the village. The company became Cuttress and Son in 1889. It was then registered as Molesworth’s Poynings Brewery Ltd in 1925 and continued until brewing ceased in 1940. The first labels produced after 1925 used the Molesworth’s designation but in the 1930s Poynings Brewery became the preferred title on labels and other advertising material.

Cuttress BB

Cuttress X

Cuttress XX

Cuttress XXX

Cuttress AK

Combe Oatmeal Stout

Dr Poynings Milk Stout

Guinness pre 1936

Combe Nourishing Stout

Crystal Ale

Amber Ale


Bitter Ale

Bitter Ale 2

Dinner Ale

India Pale Ale

Oatmeal Stout

Pale Ale

Strong Ale


Sussex Stingo


4 Responses to Poynings Brewery

  • Love the ‘Sussex Stingo’ barrel label! ‘no materials other than those stated above’ used, i.e. Malt & Hops! Seems some of the new breweries on the block have forgotten that that is all that it takes to make beer! More and more seem to think that all sorts of weird and wonderful materials need to be added to beer to make it good! Guess you could say that I am not into ‘designer’ beer!

  • My goodness Dale, how right you are!!!! And as for all these new “craft” beers being produced by the larger breweries using New Zealand etc hops, if I want a drink that tastes of “citrus” or “grapefruit”, I’ll order a lemonade or grapefruit juice. I want a beer that tastes of good old fashioned hops and not pumpkin, banana, grapefruit or sauvignon wine. By the way, does anyone, apart of course from the “Marketing Men” actually know what “Craft Beer” is? And to call Greene King IPA a “craft beer” – well, there’s no answer to that! It’s about time we had a Reinheitsgebot. – Now, there’s a good name for an ersatz lager (oops, sorry “Craft Beer”).

  • I think that the term ‘craft beer’ has been imported from the good old USA, yes, the land of Budweiser and other ‘c,,p beer’! Over there, it seems that any brewery that does not brew 1,000,000,000 barrels a year is a ‘craft brewer’ & therefore produces ‘craft beer’. I guess all the others have no brewing craft.
    Anyway, it is just a marketing man’s way of trying to sell product that otherwise no one would want to buy!

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