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Scarborough & Whitby Breweries Ltd

The company was formed by the consolidation of four breweries in the two towns. First there was the amalgamation of the Scarborough Brewery Co and the Old Brewery, Scarborough in 1895, then in 1897 the Scarborough and Whitby Breweries Ltd was registered to amalgamate the Scarborough breweries with Corner & Readman of the Marine Parade Brewery and Robert Raine of the Esk Brewery, Whitby. Brewing was soon concentrated in Scarborough and continued until 1953 when the company was acquired by John J Hunt of York, and later the same year by J W Cameron Ltd of West Hartlepool. Closure came in 1954. The last three labels illustrated were issued under the new ownership for beers that continued to be brewed at Scarborough.

Target Nourishing Stout 1920s

Pale Ale 1930s

Nut Brown Ale 1930s

Barley Wine 1930s

Barley Wine 1930s

Double Brown Ale 1930s

Soluna Ale 1930s

Regal Stout 1930s

Guinness pre 1936

Golden Ale 1930s

Stopper labels

All Bright Ale 1930s

All Bright Ale 1940s

Guinness post 1936

Double Brown Ale 1940s

Regal Stout 1940s

1953 Coronation

All Bright Ale 1950s

Double Brown Ale 1950s

Nut Brown Ale 1950s


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  • This is a very interesting gallery of labels. I always have mixed emotions when viewing our galleries as I see so many wonderful labels that are still missing from my collection! I particularly like the ‘arch top’ style labels as so many breweries seem to have used them between ending ‘ovals’ and starting ‘rectangular’.

    On the rumour front, The Society may soon have a big announcement that could affect your getting a chance to add to labels to your collection!!! What could this be?????

  • Just found a Scarborough and Whitby brewery bottle in my local river whilst fly fishing, dated 1934 on the bottom. Chiped at the neck but lovely none the less.

  • Hi Ian, I am guessing that this bottle you found did not sadly have a never before seen label on it as it had spent its recent life swimming in the river? 😉

  • Just come across the bottom of a stone jar marked Weighill and Raine I have been in touch with the Weighill Family , from there reaserch there are stone jar marked Weighill or Weighill and Raine clearly by 1897 Esk brewery is in the hands of Robert Raine,s Bill Nugent

  • To add a it of history to the brewery,my father Charles Mitchell was head Brewer at Scarborough and Whitby from about 1934 to 1953 when he was made redundant due to the sale to Cameron’s of Hartlepool. He joined Bristol United Brewery as Head Brewer and in 1954 he won the Brewers Challenge Cup for the Best Cask conditioned beer in the Country.
    Both my brother dUdley and I followed into the trade and between father and us have spent a total of 142 years in the industry.
    In my retirement I am hoping to catalogue our brewing history and will be revisiting Scarborough to do some research.

  • Found an amber bottle marked 1944. Has internal thread blob. Marked Scarboro & Whitby breweries
    Is this an antique or just another bottle.?


  • Well Bobby, I guess it depends on your definition of ‘antique’! It is over 70 years old. It is interesting as a bit of breweriana and could be of interest to either a breweriana collector or a bottle collector.

  • The Esk brewery in whitby was bought by clarkson and Weighill in Whitby in 1870s and tried to sell. They refurbished and Robert Raine managed it, when clarkson passes away it was owned by John Weighill & sons. Robert Raine purchased the Esk Brewery from John Weighill and when John retired
    His sons took over John Weighill and sons wine and spirit merchants. Later they merged with Robeet Raind and became Weighill Bros & Raine and about 1897 owned solely by Robert Raine
    I think John Weighill owned the building when Scarborough and Whiby breweries took over

  • Hi i have found a nice brown one with 1942 on the bottom today with screw top still in are the worth owt comments please

  • I found a amber scarboro & whitby breweries ltd.1942 on bottom.with out any chips or it worth anything. And who would I contact.

  • Bottles always have some value, although I wouldn’t book a holiday in the hope of a sale. There are bottle collectors around although I do not know how to contact specific people. There is a well known internet auction site which would both give you an idea of demand and also a place to sell.

  • Wayne Weighill – we found a piece of pottery on Sandsend beach yesterday, it says on it ‘L & Son’ then beneath ‘N & Weighill’ and beneath that ‘by’. So we guess it dates from the 1870s?

  • I just picked up a Scarborough & Whitby Breweries limited crock in a basket with the numbers B173 on it. anyone know anything about it?

  • I have found an old bottle top with the shape of an archery target butt on it with the words ‘The Scarborough Brewery Co Ltd’and ‘Riley Patent’around the bottom. I guess the top therefore predates 1895 🙂

  • I’ve just found an old, plug in type bottle top, with a bit of a screw, on the beach in Filey Bay. On the top it says THE SCARBOROUGH & WHITBY BREWERS LTD. It also has the circular archery target shape in the middle. Fascinating!

  • Hello. My name is John Turnbull and I live in Longford, Tasmania, Australia. I collect old bottles (Marbles, Ginger Beer, Demi-johns etc) I have just been given a green, single way pour, marble bottle. It has a date stamp, which I think, says 1898 on the bottom. It is embossed “SCARBOROUGH BREWERY COMPANY Ltd”. On the lower back it is embossed with the words, “E BREFFIT & Co Ld MAKERS CASTLEFORD. The bottle has an applied top. Under the word SCARBOROUGH, is the word CRYSTALIS. I cant quite make out the figurine. To me it looks like two upside down fish. Can you please give me some info. on the bottle, and the history of the company. The bottle was found in a small town (Westbury) not far from Longford. Looking forward to your reply. How the bottle came to Tasmania is a bit of a mystery……..Cheers, John J Turnbull.

  • Found an old bottle marked Scarboro &whitby breweries, Very heavy. What’s puzzling me is that all other messages I’ve seen the bottles are dated but this bottle has no date on the bottom, anyone shed any light?

  • The dates on the base of their bottles seem to be a late thing Darren. Most pre WW1 bottles would only have a mould number along with the makers initials or name

  • I have a green glass bottle with Scarborough Brewery on it (not a label,) but printed into the glass. It has an archery stand in the middle with registered trade mark round the archery stand. On the bottom it says A15. 8054. What will the value of this be please.

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