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Scarborough & Whitby Breweries Ltd

The company was formed by the consolidation of four breweries in the two towns. First there was the amalgamation of the Scarborough Brewery Co and the Old Brewery, Scarborough in 1895, then in 1897 the Scarborough and Whitby Breweries Ltd was registered to amalgamate the Scarborough breweries with Corner & Readman of the Marine Parade Brewery and Robert Raine of the Esk Brewery, Whitby. Brewing was soon concentrated in Scarborough and continued until 1953 when the company was acquired by John J Hunt of York, and later the same year by J W Cameron Ltd of West Hartlepool. Closure came in 1954. The last three labels illustrated were issued under the new ownership for beers that continued to be brewed at Scarborough.

Target Nourishing Stout 1920s

Pale Ale 1930s

Nut Brown Ale 1930s

Barley Wine 1930s

Barley Wine 1930s

Double Brown Ale 1930s

Soluna Ale 1930s

Regal Stout 1930s

Guinness pre 1936

Golden Ale 1930s

Stopper labels

All Bright Ale 1930s

All Bright Ale 1940s

Guinness post 1936

Double Brown Ale 1940s

Regal Stout 1940s

1953 Coronation

All Bright Ale 1950s

Double Brown Ale 1950s

Nut Brown Ale 1950s


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