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Thomas Wethered & Sons Ltd

According to records there was a brewery at or near the site from very early days, although the existence of the Marlow Brewery can only be traced back to the 18th Century. The company was registered in 1899 and acquired by Strong & Co of Romsey in 1949. The companies traded separately although the fact that Strong’s were in control was apparent in the labels and other advertising. Brewing ceased in 1988 as Whitbread Wethereds Ltd and final closure came three years later. We have assumed that the jug trademark was used from the 1930s onwards and labels without the jug date from before that. Can anyone help?

Amber Ale pre jug

Family Pale Ale pre jug

Golden Brown Ale pre jug

Golden Brown Ale pre jug

Audit Ale pre jug

Light India Pale Ale pre jug

Oatmeal Stout pre jug

Guinness pre 1936

XXX Strong Brown Ale pre jug

Amber Ale jug era

Audit Ale jug era

Oatmeal Stout jug era

Double Stout jug era

Family Pale Ale jug era

Special India Pale Ale jug era

Light India Pale Ale jug era

India Pale Ale jug era

Special Stout jug era

XXX Strong Brown Ale jug era

Stout early jug era

Stopper labels

Stopper labels

Stopper labels

Rocket Extra Strong Ale


AA Amber Ale wartime

Golden Brown Ale wartime

XXX Strong Ale wartime

Special Stout Wartime

Guinness post 1949

Guinness post 1949

AA Amber Ale 1949

Golden Brown Ale 1949

Strong Ale 1949

Amber Ale 1950s

Golden Brown Ale 1950s

Brown Ale 1960s

XXX Strong Brown Ale 1960s

Amber Ale 1960s


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