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Lloyd & Yorath Ltd

Cambrian Brewery operated by W H Gregory, until acquired by Yorath & Sons in 1877. Registered as Lloyd & Yorath in 1895 to amalgamate William Yorath & Son and J L Lloyd & Co Ltd. Name changed to Lloyd’s (Newport) Ltd in 1946. Taken over by Ansells Brewery Ltd in 1951 and closed in 1961.


Double Stout 1920s

India Pale Ale 1920s

Scotch & Mild 1920s

Mild & Bitter 1920s

Strong Ale 1920s 30s

Milk Stout 1920s 30s

Amber Ale 1920s 30s

Crown Ale 1937

Luncheon Stout 1930s

Amber Ale 1930s

Bitter Beer 1930s

Double Stout 1930s

Special Pale Ale 1930s

Strong Ale 1930s

Extra Special Strong Pale Ale 1940s

Home Brewed Castle Ale 1940s

Extra Special Pale Ale 1940s

Oatmeal Stout 1940s

Extra Special Pale Ale late 1940s

Oatmeal Stout late 1940s

Nut Brown Ale late 1940s