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Joseph Johnson (Durham) to Westoe Breweries Ltd

Joseph Johnson was originally at the City Brewery in Durham. The Westoe Brewery was operated by Robert Henderson until it was acquired by Johnson in 1907. Joseph Johnson (Durham) Ltd was registered as a private company in 1917 to amalgamate the two breweries. The City Brewery was closed in 1924 and the name of the company changed to Westoe Breweries Ltd in 1938. It converted to a public company in 1946 and was taken over by Hammonds United Breweries in 1960. This should provide approximate dates for all the labels illustrated. At first little seemed to change except the brewery name on the labels, then gradually new designs appeared. By the late 1940s and 1950s it seems they were particularly taken with the Newcastle Breweries label shape.

Dark Brown Ale Johnson

Dark Brown Ale Westoe

Invalid Stout Johnson

Light Home Ale Johnson

Sixpenny Mild Ale Johnson

Sixpenny Mild Ale Westoe

Lifeboat Ale Johnson

Lifeboat Ale Westoe

Prize Bitter Beer Johnson

Prize Bitter Beer Westoe

Extra Strong Ale Johnson

Extra Strong Ale Westoe

Prize Ale

Mild Ale

Dark Brown Ale half pint

Stopper labels

Lifeboat Ale

Lifeboat Ale



Treble Shield

Treble Strong

Dark Brown Ale

Dark Brown Ale

Extra Strong Ale

Extra Strong Ale

Prize Ale