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Labels from the Prohibition era

These are not well represented in my collection. However, there is a bit of history there, which I will discuss in the blog. Although national prohibition only began in 1920, many states had ‘gone dry’ well before that. Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi were dry by 1909 and by 1917 twenty-five states had enacted prohibition. The 18th Amendment to the US constitution outlawed the import, manufacture, sale or transportation of intoxicating liquor, from January 16th 1920. Alcohol was limited to one half of one percent in all cereal beverages. However,  home brewing was not illegal and neither was consumption.

Los Angeles CA - Los Angeles Brewing Co

Los Angeles CA - Los Angeles Brewing Co, dba Eastside Beverage Co

Globe Brewing Co, San Francisco, CA for Golden Lion Distributing

Milwaukee Brewery of SF, San Francisco, CA

San Francisco CA - California Bottling Association

San Francisco, CA - San Francisco Brewing Co.

New York City - Phoenix Cereal Beverage Co, Inc.

New York City - Jacob Ruppert

Green Bay - Hochgreve Brewing Co.

New York City- F & M Schaefer Brewing Co.

Kaukauna - Regenfuss Brewing Co.

Atlanta GA - Atlanta Ice & Bottling Co,

Cold Spring MN - Cold Spring Brewing Co.

New Orleans LA - Jackson Brewing Co.

Philadelphia - Continental Brewing Co.

Philadelphia - C Schmidt & Sons Brewing Co.

St Joseph & Kansas City MO - M K Goetz Brewing Co.

St Louis MO - Anheuser-Busch Inc.

Sheboygan - Gutsch Products Co.

Passaic NJ - Hygeia Brewing Co.

Pottsville - D G Yuengling & Son

St Mary's - Elk County Brewing Co.

Spokane WA - Inland Products Co.

Tacoma, WA - Columbia Brewing Co.