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John Richdale & Co Ltd

The company was registered at the Britannia Brewery in 1898. Acquired by Hammonds United Breweries in 1956 and closed.

Bitter Beer 1910s

Bitter Beer 1920s

Britannia Strong 1930s

Britannia Milk Stout

Brunswick Ale 1920s

Brunswick Ale 1930s

Wellington Beer 1930s

Wellington Beer 1920s

Mild Ale 1920s

Bitter Beer 1930s

Bitter Beer 1940s

Bitter Beer 1940s 1950s

Nut Brown Ale half pint 1920s

Nut Brown Ale 1920s

Nut Brown Ale 1930s

Nut Brown Ale 1940s till closure

India Pale Ale 1940s

Brown Ale 1940s 1950s

India Pale Ale 1930s

India Pale Ale 1940s 1950s

India Pale Ale 1940s 1950s

Special Dark Ale

Special Golden Ale 1940s 50s