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The Dunmow Brewery

The Dunmow Brewery was founded in 1803 and was known as Randall’s until 1911. We have no labels from this time, but would appreciate it if someone were to send in images. The merger with Webb & Gibbons took place in 1911, to form Randall, Gibbons and Co. The Braintree Brewery of Ingold & Co was acquired in 1916 to form Randall, Gibbons, Ingold & Co.  The company was renamed Dunmow Brewery Ltd in 1945 and finally purchased by Charrington & Co Ltd in 1965 when brewing ceased.  So the Randall, Gibbons labels date from 1911 to 1916, the Randall, Gibbons, Ingold from 1916 to 1945 and the Dunmow from that date. I believe the IPA, Flitcho and the darker Mild label were used first and the rest from the mid 1950s on.


Strong Ale

Nourishing Stout

Pale Ale

Oatmeal Stout

Light Oatmeal Stout

Light Dinner Stout

Burton Ale

Burton Ale

Family Ale

Guinness post 1936




Coronation Flitcho

Light Dinner Ale

Light Dinner Stout

Flitch Stout

Family Ale

Burton Ale

Dunmow Mild

Blue Boar Brown

Double Dunmow

Dunmow stopper labels 2

Dunmow stopper labels


5 Responses to The Dunmow Brewery

  • Hello, from across the pond,
    We were watching a TV show about strange things seen by satellites on the earth. In the show the bulldozing of the village Charleton to lengthen a runway for the Bristol Brabazon airliner was discussed. There was a short old black and white newsreel footage shown of a man rolling a keg into the villages pub.
    Along the outside wall were empty beer bottle crates. We are craft beer enthusiasts and froze a frame to read the writing on the crates. We found it was Randell,Gibbons and Ingold & Co. So we looked them up on the web and found your web site. It’s a shame they are out of business. It looks like they made a
    broad range of very good Ales ! Too bad the recipes were probably lost and will never be brewed again. Oh well, at least we can still enjoy a bottle of Samuel Smith’s oatmeal stout and Theakston’s Old Peculiar over here !
    Cheer’s !!! Mike and Deb , Lancaster, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

  • Hi Mike & Deb, Many thanks for your email which contained the same message as above! I am very pleased that you came across our website and enjoyed looking at the labels from Randell, Gibbons and Ingold! I hope having found the site that you will enjoy visiting often to view other labels from breweries on this side of the ‘pond’ as well as a growing number of those from ‘non’-Empire countries!

  • Hello Mike and hello Dale, I just discovered this and delighted to see there is still some interest in the old style brewing, in particular, Dunmow Brewery. My name is Will; I am the son of Anthony Gibbons, joint owner of the brewery, and used to live opposite the pond! You may be interested that I have some of my father’s original brewing records. Do give me a shout, would love to have a chat. BTW, spookily, you exchanged emails on my birthday, 13 Jan ! All the best, Will

  • Hi Will ,
    I’ve just noticed your comments on the Dunmow Brewery , I’d be happy to convert any of the brewing records you’ve got to a modern recipe format if you’d like me to ? ; if you’d like to get in touch , my email is : ,
    Best Regards
    Edd Mather
    Brewer & Brewing Historian

  • I am researching the history of the Stansted (Mountfitchet) Brewery for the local history society. The Brewery had gone under several names, Wiffen and Brown and S.S.Rogers and Co and was acquired by Randall, Gibbons, Ingold & Co in 1922 and closed by 1925. Circa 1895 the Stansted Brewery was purchased by Dr Thomas Irvine Rowell with his son William Irvine Rowell who died aged 47 on17th December 1916. The latters son Geoffrey William Rowell had a career in brewing, retiring in 1980 as M.D. and Chairman of The Dunmow Brewery. If there are any photographs or artefacts of The Stansted Brewery in existence I would be pleased to see them. The name is perpetuated locally, Brewery Lane, Brewery House , The Ash Public House at Burton End and the former grain store and offices still survive in Lower Street as Bear & Eden a cafe/coffee bar.

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