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The Dunmow Brewery

The Dunmow Brewery was founded in 1803 and was known as Randall’s until 1911. We have no labels from this time, but would appreciate it if someone were to send in images. The merger with Webb & Gibbons took place in 1911, to form Randall, Gibbons and Co. The Braintree Brewery of Ingold & Co was acquired in 1916 to form Randall, Gibbons, Ingold & Co.  The company was renamed Dunmow Brewery Ltd in 1945 and finally purchased by Charrington & Co Ltd in 1965 when brewing ceased.  So the Randall, Gibbons labels date from 1911 to 1916, the Randall, Gibbons, Ingold from 1916 to 1945 and the Dunmow from that date. I believe the IPA, Flitcho and the darker Mild label were used first and the rest from the mid 1950s on.


Strong Ale

Nourishing Stout

Pale Ale

Oatmeal Stout

Light Oatmeal Stout

Light Dinner Stout

Burton Ale

Burton Ale

Family Ale

Guinness post 1936




Coronation Flitcho

Light Dinner Ale

Light Dinner Stout

Flitch Stout

Family Ale

Burton Ale

Dunmow Mild

Blue Boar Brown

Double Dunmow

Dunmow stopper labels 2

Dunmow stopper labels


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