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Menu mishaps – ISP gremlins

We are sure you have noticed that we are suffering from some problems with our menus. We believe this to be an issue with our ISP, but our electronic elves are working hard to resolve the issue. The menus should be back to something like normal before too much longer, but one or two tabs may be on holiday for a while. We hope to ensure these are the less important ones, so please bear with us. Thanks for your patience.

Just to remind you once again. If you are intending to join us for LOTY 2013 in Bedford. Please remember to book your place(s) with our Treasurer.

You may do this 1) via our ‘Getting in Touch’ page or 2) by telephone or post. If you do not have the old technology details to hand then 1) applies.

Or email ‘Members’ via our ‘Getting in Touch’ page. At the present we are expecting over 30 people to attend, so why not add your name(s) to the list & perhaps we can make this nearer to the forty mark. Help us to celebrate our 30th LOTY by raising lots of £££s for Keech Hospices & Macmillan Cancer Support.

Book your place today, you know you want to!

Beer labels added: John Fox & Co, Ewloe

Another new brewery for the ‘Featured Breweries’ pages. Not many images, as you will see. However it does prove that the common one, many of us have in our collections, is not the only one out there. If you have other different labels, perhaps you would consider sharing them with the rest of us. It would be lovely to see them. (with apologies to TW)

New Labels Issued in October

Why not share with your fellow members & of course the other visitors to our website, those labels you have discovered this month.

Just click on the title of this post & wait for a new window to open.

Fill in your name (we suggest your christian name & the first letter of your surname eg Fred F), your email address and the info about the labels you have discovered this month & click on ‘Post Comment’. Yes, it really is that easy.

Thanks in advance

As we have been uploading label images, from some of our member’s collections for some time now.

It seems like a good time to acknowledge their support, so our thanks to all of you, who are helping to make this web site such a success.

In totally random order, they are  Des C.  Peter D.  Mike J.  Steve B.  Bastien B.  Keith O. oh & me Pete S.

If you would like your name added to the ‘roll of honour’, just get in touch with our webmaster & offer up your rare or not so rare label images.

Rare label images added to ‘Gallery’

We have added this evening labels from the following breweries :-

J. Grimshaw – Sladden & Collier – Wm Tong – Thatchers Bristol Brewery x2. Oh & yesterday we added a Farrimonds

Images of labels from the above brewery have been added to our ‘Featured Breweries’ pages.

As usual if you have different images of their labels that you would care to share. Please contact our webmaster via our ‘Getting in Touch’ page.

Also if you have a ‘favourite’ brewery you would like to see featured, get in touch & we will see what we can do. No promises mind you.