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Advent Calendar Day 10

The brewing industry in the United Kingdom took a long time to realise the selling power of beer marketed as a Christmas Brew, and frequently they could have done much more to capture the spirit of the festive season. Compare these three from Yorkshire, Belgium and the United States. All for the holiday, but what a difference. The Oshkosh label was probably issued 10 or 20 years before the other two.


Advent Calendar Day 9

Two for you all today. I am hoping there might be further comment on the use of attractive images to tempt the drinker as he or she browses the shelves. Joseph Holt, who needs no introduction to the hardened drinker and the Vale of Glamorgan Brewery who may be less well known, have both used clever names for their beers and an image which may or may not be aimed at a particular group of drinkers.





Advent Calendar Day 8

Sorry to go on about the meeting last weekend in Norwich, but I thought it was a huge success. Superb effort by Nick and Eric, with some help from friends in the Norfolk media. I thought there might be some interest in this label from Greene, King of Bury St Edmunds, (what no St. Edmund?) Bottled by Roy’s at East Dereham, not in Wroxham, or Royville, as visitors tend to think. Thanks to Keith for bringing his Norfolk album and allowing people to view some labels they would otherwise never get to see.

Advent Calendar Day 7

Regular followers of the Advent Calendar over the last couple of years will know that I do like to feature labels which hark back to the music I have loved over the years. So I was pleased to find this offering from the wonderful Kelham Island Brewery. Riders on the Storm was the last track released by the Doors before Jim Morrison’s death in 1971. Still great to listen to. Go find it on YouTube.

Advent Calendar Day 6

Great. Day 6 on Day 6. Santa’s Winter Blonde from the Hesket Newmarket Brewery in sunny Lakeland. What more could Santa ask for? A roaring fire and a beer.

Advent Calendar Day 5

I think I will have caught up today. This is the morning offering. Figgy Pudding from Wantsum Brewery. Yes I do, although I cannot remember drinking this beer.

Advent Calendar Day 4

On the 4th day of Christmas it would have been very good if we had all been sent a barrel label from Ward & Sons Ltd of Foxearth. I don’t suppose there are many collectors out there who would have been disappointed to receive this.


Advent Calendar Day 3

We have to work quickly now there is a day to catch up. So how about Blitzen from the Black Sheep Brewery in Masham. As it says on the label – a cheeky little festive number.

Advent Calendar Day 2

Apologies for the delay in getting day 2 sorted, but Saturday in Norwich took up considerably more than the whole day. And excellent it was too, great turnout and the local people brought in some very interesting items of breweriana. My favourite was undoubtedly this label from Day & Son of St Neots in Huntingdonshire. The owner was particularly pleased that we valued it in excess of £400, providing the right buyer could be found.

Advent Calendar Day 1

I just had to start with this. Backwoods B*Stard from Founders Brewing Co in Grand Rapids Michigan. A bottle arrived at my house earlier this week and I couldn’t help noticing the advertising.

Steady Now!

This ain’t no lawn-mowing’ beer!

An Imperial Stout at somewhere over 11% ABV, I think I understand why. Two things I want from you. Is it as good as the 100 rating from one beer rating site and what would you describe as a lawn-mowing beer?