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Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas to all Labologists, Everywhere.

W Younger Christmas Beer Blundell Christmas AleW Younger Christmas Ale

Have a great time, and check back here regularly

for the latest updates. New ‘Featured Breweries’

will be uploaded over the holidays. Cheers

New Additions to Gallery Pages

We have added examples of labels from the following breweries to the relevant ‘Gallery’ pages.

Strange & Son Ltd, Truswells Brewery Co Ltd., Bindley of Burton on Trent, Day & Son of St Neots, Duck & Reed of Malmesbury and Leeds City Brewery

10 New Breweries added to ‘Gallery’ pages

Today we have added the following breweries to the appropriate pages with the ‘Gallery’.

Bentley & Shaw, Charles Rose, Cirencester, Cresswell Bros., Dymore Brown, Ferguson’s, J. Fryer & Sons, Duncan Gilmour, Halls Oxford Brewery & Samuel Ledgard.

Hope you all find these of interest and more will be added over the coming days.

The above brewery now appears under our ‘Featured Breweries’. If you can add to this selection, please scan as individual images & forward to our webmaster via the ‘Getting in Touch’ page. Lots more new stuff in the pipeline, so keep on eye on us over the coming days.

Gardner & Co Ltd Ash – another label added

A further version of Oatmeal Stout added to ‘Featured Breweries’ page. Why not add your labels, if there are different to those shown thus far? Just scan as individual images & email to our Webmaster via the ‘Getting in Touch’ page.

Beer labels added: Gardner & Co Ltd of Ash

The above brewery has been added to our ‘Featured Breweries’ pages. If you are able to add any further labels to this section & you need a reason to escape the dreaded turkey (or even the outlaws), then this is the perfect excuse. Quietly slope off with your albums & a couple of beers, sort out the labels, scan & forward to our webmaster via our ‘Getting in Touch’ page. Thanks in advance

Missing Menu Links

Sorry if you have tried to access either the ‘Becoming a Member’ or ‘Membership’ menu links in the recent past. We are afraid they have become inoperable for some reason, that we are unable to discern. However we are delighted to advise that all is now back to normal.

Delighted to say we have passed the 40K visitor mark today. Exactly 6 months since this site went live, so there is obviously more interest in Labology than we thought.

Thanks to all of you who have visited us & we hope that you will be back again in the future.

We will continue to add rare labels to the ‘Gallery’ and more ‘Featured Breweries’ are in the pipeline.

If you wish to contribute images, articles, suggestions (polite ones please) or anything else relevant to what we do, especially donations to Label Of The Year.

Then just visit our ‘Getting in Touch’ page and drop an email to the appropriate address. We look forward to hearing from you.

Rare old label images added to gallery

As the festive season approaches and we are increasingly surrounded by green Christmas trees, green holly & green ivy. We thought we would add some green label collectors, so join with the jealous ones and look at the appropriate ‘Gallery’ pages to see the new labels we have added. They are in no particular order (as it is the latter stages of Strictly & the X-thingy), Ash & Co, Kidd of Dartford, Bullard & Sons (x2), Crowfoots, Kenward & Court, Elgood & Sons and Russells Gravesend Brewery (x2).

We will be adding a new ‘Featured Brewery’ as well in the next few days, so watch this space, Cheers

We are delighted to have added another 4 bottle label images, together with 1 neck and 6 stopper label images. These all appear on the Sheffield Free Brewery page in the ‘Featured Breweries’ section. Our thanks to Keith O for providing these.

As many of you will soon be on holiday, perhaps you can use the scanning some of your favourite labels as an excuse to escape the endless turkey & TV re-runs. You can always sneak off with a beer or three to your PC and send your label images to our webmaster, who will be waiting with bated keyboard.