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Rare old label images added to gallery

As the festive season approaches and we are increasingly surrounded by green Christmas trees, green holly & green ivy. We thought we would add some green label collectors, so join with the jealous ones and look at the appropriate ‘Gallery’ pages to see the new labels we have added. They are in no particular order (as it is the latter stages of Strictly & the X-thingy), Ash & Co, Kidd of Dartford, Bullard & Sons (x2), Crowfoots, Kenward & Court, Elgood & Sons and Russells Gravesend Brewery (x2).

We will be adding a new ‘Featured Brewery’ as well in the next few days, so watch this space, Cheers

We are delighted to have added another 4 bottle label images, together with 1 neck and 6 stopper label images. These all appear on the Sheffield Free Brewery page in the ‘Featured Breweries’ section. Our thanks to Keith O for providing these.

As many of you will soon be on holiday, perhaps you can use the scanning some of your favourite labels as an excuse to escape the endless turkey & TV re-runs. You can always sneak off with a beer or three to your PC and send your label images to our webmaster, who will be waiting with bated keyboard.

Have just added one label each from, William Whitelaw & Sons and Thomson Marshall Co Ltd to the relevant ‘Gallery’ pages. These labels date from 1920/30’s and 1890’s respectively

14 New labels added to ‘Gallery’ pages

As a result of the generosity of our members, we are now able to add a further 14 label images to a various ‘Gallery’ pages. In no particular order they are Polkinghorne, Manchester Brewery, Dawlish Brewery, Greaves & Co (2), Yates Castle Brewery (Birkenhead), Thomas Berry (Sheffield)(2) , Walter Hicks, West Cheshire Brewery, Woodhams, J & T Usher and Houldings (2).

Take a look, be amazed & look green around the gills, like the majority of us 2nd division collectors.

A new publication from our member Keith Osborne, author & historian. Full details below.

KO Worcs flyer

An ideal addition to your Christmas list, one less thing to worry about in the countdown to the Festive Season.

Link to Bastien B’s web pages

We have just added a link to our new French member’s web pages. Bastien collects labels from all around the world and of course his major interest are labels from his home country.

However he has some very old & rare labels from the UK. At present his web pages only feature images of French labels, but this is nonetheless a very useful resource. So follow the link on our ‘Links’ page, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Beer labels added: Mansfield Brewery Company

The above has been added to our ‘Featured Breweries’ pages. Only a few old label images at present, if you can add to these? Contact our webmaster via the usual route.

Otherwise we may have to scan some modern labels to pad out the page.

Hydes Queens Brewery Manchester, Updated

We have added a few more label images to the above brewery, in our ‘Featured Breweries’ section. One vertical oval & four tombstone shaped labels. If you can add to this selection or any others within our site, please contact our web master via our ‘Getting in Touch’ page.

Link to Alan GMs Web Pages

We have added a new section to our links page, our ‘Members Websites’. To kick this off you will find a link to Alan’s web site, this is very interesting both image wise & as a result of his research. He continues to research brewery trademarks and has extensive listings of companies who bottled for Bass, McEwan, Worthington and Youngers. If you are able to add to his knowledge base, please contact him via his web site.

New Labels Added to Gallery Pages

We have added some more old & rare images of labels to the appropriate ‘Gallery’ pages. So have a look at the following & join me in looking somewhat green around the gills.

Dales Cambridge Brewery, Trunch Brewery, Youngman Preston & Co Ltd., Ogden & Sons, Lindsell. Feel free to share your rare labels, just contact our Webmaster via our ‘Getting in Touch’ page.