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New gallery Images

We have just added a few old & rare images to the relevant ‘Gallery’ pages. J. Harris Browne, Smithers & Sons, Kidd & Hotblack and a Chas. Hammerton Coronation. As this is pre Stockwell Brewery, I am guessing this is 1911. Can anyone confirm this or is it 1937 as they were registering as Stockwell? Please let us know & we will add it to appropriate Coronation page as well. Thanks in advance.

We have just added the above brewery to our ‘Featured Breweries’ pages. A fair selection of label images, but of course, if you are able to provide some we don’t have as yet. Then please scan individually, save as a jpeg or png file of mid range resolution and forward to our webmaster via the ‘Contact Us’ page

Labels from both Richard Seed & Co Ltd of Radcliffe and Powell & Co of Anerley have been added to our featured breweries section. Take a look and gasp in amazement at the classic designs of the time.

Brunswick Inn – Again – Auction

Lacon FalconJust about to start the auction. Unlike certain internet auction sites, you have to be here & have the cash. No discounts, no haggling, highest offer wins.  The highest price paid was for this lovely Lacons Falcon Ale which realised £16. Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted the damage, but still a bargain addition to the lucky bidders collection.

Brunswick Inn Derby – Today

A nice sunny day in Derby & around 12 members made the effort to show up. Great choice of beers and plenty of healthy swapping of labels. Good quiz, courtesy of Peter D. We will publish this on website shortly.                                     

As time passes so rapidly these days and the weather has finally improved. Just thought a swift reminder about the meeting this Saturday, would not be a bad idea.

Saturday 15th March at The Brunswick Inn, 1 Railway Terrace, Derby, DE1 2RU. 12.00 start.

Just 5 minutes from Derby rail station, good beers, good food & good company. Why would you not want to be there? See you Saturday.

The above brewery has been added to our ‘Featured Breweries’ pages. A good selection of labels including the 1953 Coronation. Which also appears on the ‘1953 Coronation’ page under the ‘Gallery’ tab. Usual rules apply, if you have any other labels from this brewery or any other brewery come to that. Which you would care to share, then scan, save as jpeg or png file & email to our Webmaster.

The above brewery has just been added to our ‘Featured Breweries’ pages. If you can add further images, please scan as individual items, save as jpeg or png files and forward to our webmaster via the ‘Contact Us’ page.

As a result of my post here on Valentine’s Day, regarding the above brewery. One of our members has been kind enough to provide colour scans of the labels that appeared on the cover of the 1982 newsletter. In fact he has provided two others as well, as a result Godwin Brothers, now appears in our ‘Featured Breweries’ pages. In fact one of the labels appears to pre-date registration, so it is presumably from before October 1907. So take a look and experience the same feelings I had whilst uploading them, decidedly green with jealousy, whilst weeping in to a somewhat soggy handkerchief. Oh well, at least we can all admire them now. If you have any additional labels you would care to share, then the usual comments apply.