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Beer labels: Spot the difference #16

Here is a message and images I received from a Yorkshire based fan.

I love your website, thank you for the displays of beer labels, especially the Yorkshire selection. The Carter, Milner and Bird were mostly new to me, as were the Kirkstall. At least I have some of the Hunts of York and the Whitakers.

Here are two different Duncan Gilmour Balaclava labels in the same series. Kind Regards James

Gilmour 2

Beer labels: Spot the difference #15

Always good to get a response to questions about beer labels. Thank you Steve for the information on the Harman’s differences. Images would be most welcome. Maybe other members/visitors to the site can help on any others. Our next spot the difference features Duncan Gilmour’s Extra Stout. No help on this, but I have thought for many years that the label on the left was the earlier issue, but reference to Richard Percival’s Brewery Tray website dates this style to the 1920s, which is a good 25 years before I believed it was introduced. Perhaps the label on the left is the post-war issue. Comments expected.



Over the last couple of weeks, images have been added to the Mansfield Brewery Co and John J Hunt sections of our Featured Breweries. Thanks to John T and Chris B for sending in the images.

Also labels from the Chester Northgate Brewery have been added. Have a look, there are not that many different labels for that brewery as yet.  And I am still waiting for the additional images for Wells of Watford. 


Details of the April Postal Auction have been mailed to all members. If there are any members who would like the full colour versions of the black and white pages they have received, please contact myself either by email or through this website.

To whet non members appetites, some of the more interesting labels will be uploaded to the site very soon. But remember you do need to be a member of the Society to bid on the labels. Please do not ask members to bid for you, because they will almost certainly refuse.  Yes it is a blatant attempt to boost membership, and yes there are some benefits for a modest outlay.

As a start, I am sure this label will attract a great deal of interest. Closing date for bids is 26th April. And don’t forget you have to be a member to win it..

Page & Overton

Beer labels: Spot the difference #14

A big thank you to Phil for providing images of these two IPA beer labels from John Thompson’s Bell Brewery, Studley in Warwickshire.  Always good to know that there are members out there with scanning facilities who are prepared to take the time to send in their images. If there was any interest out there I could dig out some more labels from this brewer to add it to the featured brewery section.

Thompson Studley

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As you will have probably noticed, our Twitter feed is back up & running. Unfortunately no followers profile pictures, but if you use Twitter you will know where to find them anyway.

Thanks for swift repairs Chris

Size Really Matters #6

Three Cheltenham and Hereford Breweries Chelt Ale for quart, pint and half pint bottles.  The labels are 97mm, 79mm and 70mm tall and were in use in the 1950s until the merger with the Stroud Brewery Co. in 1958 to form West Country Breweries. If these labels are sold on an internet website, you can see why an accurate description including the size of the label is necessary, and a scrap of a tape measure may not give the full picture.Cheltenham & Hereford

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We have published the above in our Featured Brewery pages. Part 1 as there are multiple ‘Spot the Difference’ options just amongst Farmer Ales. In due course we will publish further parts, containing other labels from S & W. Feel free to contribute any versions of Farmer Brown or Farmer Stout you may have in your collections. Scan at 200/300dpi, individually and save as JPEG or PNG files. The forward to our Webmaster via the Contact Us page. We would of course be happy to receive scans of any other S & W labels, that do not fall under the Farmer tag.