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Cask Labels #35; St Austell Brewery

It is always difficult to know what the members of the Society want from this blog theme.And even harder to know what would be interesting to the casual browser. Scarce labels seem to be popular, whether from relatively unknown breweries or the well-established. I guess today’s offering comes in the latter category, but also raises a few questions. The St. Austell Brewery Co. Ltd was registered in 1934 to merge Walter Hicks & Co Ltd of the St Austell Brewery and Christopher Ellis & Son Ltd of Hayle. However, this label would appear to be much earlier than the 1930s, so is it Pre- Walter Hicks or is it just stating the name of the brewery, without the company name?

Site Update

The eagle eyed among you will have noticed a new top level addition to our menus. This is New Label Issues & the drop down below takes you to the page for this month.

All we need now is info from you guys

Cask Labels #34; Sooke Oceanside Brewery

Got to add a bit of variety into this theme, can’t have early British examples every day. This is a modern label from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada and I think it is a very attractive design. Renfrew? Any connection?

Cask Labels #33; Woodhams & Co. Ltd.

Another example from a brewery which may not be totally familiar. Woodhams and Co were bought by Style and Winch in 1918 and became a bottling stores for a number of years. Parts of the Troy Town brewery can still be seen today and are destined for incorporation into a residential complex.

Once again a spot the difference is being used to advertise another set of labels uploaded to the site. There are many small differences in the labels from the Walmer Brewery as visitors to the page will find, and I haven’t included all of them. Quite often the small differences mean additional labels can be obtained cheaply. However, this is not really the case with this pair. The Thompson labels can be found HERE

Cask Labels #32; McArdle, Moore & Co. Ltd.

Very positive response to the return of this theme including a couple a couple of ‘keep it up’ comments. Our next offering is from McArdle, Moore & Co of Dundalk, Republic of Ireland and is quite early, judging by the dates of the prizes.

Cask Labels #31; Greenslade Brothers

I have had a number of requests to continue this theme of labels intended for beer in cask, actually a small number, well OK, one. But that is one more than most requests. So off we go with a really obscure brewery, and I guess, a fairly scarce label from Greenslade Brothers of the St Mary Church Brewery in Torquay, which was taken over by Plymouth Breweries in 1925.

There seemed to be a few surprised faces at the Society meeting in the Royal Oak on Saturday when it was suggested during the auction that the Tenpenny label on the right was not particularly common. This should re-assure people that I still have full control of my faculties.

Site Update

Improvements to the functionality of the site have made it much easier to upload multiple images. There will be examples from a range of breweries over the coming weeks. Today, take a look at the labels from Russells & Wrangham of the Derwent and Crystal Breweries in Malton.

You can find the images HERE

Nice to see the interest in the Brickwood labels. I have a theory as to the origin of the range of colours, which I will come to later this week. In the meantime, I was really pleased to find these two Double Thatch labels from Ramsgate. Larger size, 93mm tall and lovely.