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I suppose we have to consider it a good response. £21 for 2018 LOTY and just the one example left. If you want it, then you need to respond quickly to join an illustrious group, Pete Standen, Eric Dore, John Heddington and Keith Osborne. We will sort out getting them posted to you soon. Another picture in case you missed it.

Guinness Collectables Volume 2

I am writing the long overdue “The Guide to Guinness Collectables, volume 2”. Since the first book, much material has come to light that cries out for publishing. I will not duplicate anything from the first book, it will be all new but quality /vintage material, apart from the new ES and FES bottles and cans. New sections will be added on early show cards, Gilroy poster oil paintings and sketches, stone bottles, die cast vehicles, signs, labels, ashtrays and tea towels. When this book is done I hope that most of the better Guinness marketing merchandise will have been covered. I envisage a 9×9 inch hard back book very similar in size to my first book, 250 pages, all colour with some 1400 images and descriptions. It will be sold at cost to all those who request a copy and as such I need to get the publicity to collectors to see how many I need to print. I will advise the cost when I know numbers.

Please send me an e mail to to pre-order and reserve a copy.

If you have special items in your collection you would like to see in the book, do send me a good quality image with any details you have such as size, material, date made,etc.

Thanks & Regards

David Hughes

Even though we don’t know the venue or charities we are supporting this year, let’s get the collection started now. Thanks to Edd the Brewer, we have five of the Connoisseur Ales label of his recreation of an1868 recipe. First five offers will secure one of these incredibly scarce labels. Five pounds each would be a good start for the deserving charity. And sorry, no back labels at present although we are trying.

It’s been a while since we featured a pair of labels in this category and a long time since Mason & Co of  the Waterside Brewery in Maidstone appeared in our blog. For many collectors every slight variation is important and when there are large differences like this, we can’t understand why many sellers of quality labels do not realise how important it is. Lovely labels, lovely sizes, 104mm and 93mm tall.

Questions & Answers

Over the life of our website we have received & answered a lot of questions, both from our members & our wider audience across the internet.

Where we cannot answer the question ourselves we have passed it on to someone who can. As we have received a couple of recent questions from ‘down under’, we thought you may choose to join in. So we are publishing the questions for you all to ponder upon. If you have the answer, comments of even further questions, please post them here or if images are involved email members or webmaster @, you know the rest.

This one originates from New Zealand and refers to Guinness Marca Mono

Hi, I would like to ask your members if anyone knows where the Marca
mono Guinness comes from. I will paste a link to further infomation
outlining the problem. Any feedback appreciated

The only thing I will say at present is that this may well refer to Monkey Brand


The second one is from Australia & asks about early labels from Oz & again Guinness crops up.

Hi, Just an off chance query to exhaust all possibilities. I’m currently writing the history of brewing in Victoria, Australia in great depth. I’m wondering if anyone in you club may be able to help with images of pre 1900 Australian labels. I also need an actual size image of the red clover shaped Edmonds ‘pig brand’ label from 1870-1900 period.

Is anyone able to help? More that happy to pay for images and acknowledge if required.  Cheers and happy collecting Andrew

OK guys over to you and if we receive a good response, who know we may start a whole new area to the website.

It is entirely coincidental that the majority of recent additions to this series have been Stout labels. This pair from Hodgson’s Brewery are an identical design, but there are slight differences. Our impression is that the label on the left is the earlier version. K. Stout? Is that Kingston Stout and if it is why not call it that?

How much did that cost? #20

Another one that will attract considerable interest. No prizes for guessing who sent this in and thank you again. The cost of a bottle of Rawson’s Barley Ale is by far the most prominent aspect of this label.

How much did that cost? #19

Another set of prices per bottle which were printed on the stopper label. This time from the Northampton Brewery Co, designed so that the price was immediately above the screw top when the label was attached. When the top was unscrewed, the seal would be broken. An unbroken seal would indicate the beer had not been diluted, which was not unheard of in times past.

How much did that cost? #18

Today’s selection is from Scotland. Blair & Co, J & J Morison and Wm. Younger. You could get these three beers for a shilling. Seems like a bargain to me.