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Last blog post before I set off for Swindon. Not only two completely different versions of the Nut Brown but both the pint, 82mm tall and half pint 68mm tall, labels for just one of the variations. You know what the question is: does anyone know if there is a half pint version of the label on the left?


LOTY @ Arkell’s Brewery – This Friday

Just a swift reminder that the LOTY charity meeting is this Friday, at Arkells
Doesn’t time fly!

Kick off 12.00 ish. Venue: Conference Room Arkells Brewery, Swindon SN2 7RS

To arrive at the conference room car parking turn up the small turning off Beechcroft Road.  It is important to note the postcode to enable your members to reach the conference room and not just park in the brewery.

Please note this postcode if different to that of brewery, as we have parking which is just for us on the day, see above.
Your shiny car will not get totalled by an over enthusiastic dray driver.

Meeting starts around 12.00
(Tea & Coffee available for the drivers among you)
Buffet at 13.30

Brewery tour with Alex Arkell at 14.30.

Lots of auctions & labels to buy.
As usual the beer will be charged for & money donated to the charity.
No raffle this year, but you can donate items to auction. This is a more effective use of time & money raising.

Please bring loads of cash & your cheque book. We cannot accept card payments.

See you on Friday

LOTY 2018 at Arkells, Swindon next Friday

Following yesterday’s post, one of our members kindly donated some additional labels to the Charity Auction. Here they are. I can already tell there are labels of interest here.

LOTY 2018 at Arkells, Swindon next Friday

As lots of you are aware, LOTY is only a week away. A number of members of the Society have kindly donated labels for the charity auction. Here is a selection, I have no doubt there will be others before the event.

The scan does accentuate the colour differences here, but it was not that that alerted me to the existence of the two Extra Stout labels from Campbell Praed of Wellingborough. My guess is that the label on the left is the earlier of the two, but I could be wrong. It will be added to the gallery of labels from Campbell Praed which can be found HERE

I remember it like it was yesterday

I was recently sent this cutting by a collector in United States, it is dated less than a year after the formation of the Society and it is from an English publication. It would be interesting to know where it appeared. Does anybody know? It is not 60 years old.

A thank you to another of our contributors for this pair of Sobright, which I believe to be a Pale Ale, labels from Border breweries of Wrexham. There are some quite subtle differences here and we think there will be a few people out there looking through both their collection and their spares box.


Unusual names for a Stout #21; The

We will finish this series of unusual Stout names with what I think is the strangest name of them all.  Nalder & Collyer of Croydon produced a number of Stouts, but this one is The Stout. What was it about this brew that warranted that name? Perhaps a brewer or manager with a sense of humour?

Not quite as unusual as some of the recent posts, but a double message to drinkers that this stout was a health benefit. Ushers Stout was both good for invalids and nourishing for the able bodied as well. This post was inspired by a listing on eBay which prompted a quick search through the collection.