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A follow up to the previous ‘Spot’. I think the response from Scotty Dog is fairly accurate, although I am not certain whether there would be a separate label for the English market, or how big the English market would have been. Surprised no-one else was able to contribute an opinion, especially as one of our canine friends was able to demonstrate suitable skills. To add to that debate?, debate? debate? my kingdom for a debate, here is one that was definitely destined for overseas, the USA in fact.

It is just great when you get a response from the membership. Today’s post of three Special Export Ale labels from T & J Bernard of Edinburgh is a collaborative effort, inspired by Alan and the images were sent in by Bernard, thank you to them. It would be interesting to know the thinking behind the three variants.

The second in the queue, this time from Geoff, is from the beautiful Donnington Brewery in rural Cotswold country. A very apt post because the Society will be visiting the brewery on 13th April. This pair date from the time when Herbert Arkell was managing the brewery and probably from before the 2nd world war. I have to admit, it is difficult to determine which is the earlier, maybe we can find out soon.

For the first time since we began the website in 2013, I actually have a queue of items sent in by members for the blog spot. If this keeps up, I may not need to keep going through my albums in search of new posts. Today’s pair is from Jenner’s South London Brewery. Two different patterns of their Pale Ale. A new variation to me, thanks to Nick for this.

A bit of a mystery part 2

An excellent response to this post, thank you to all who responded. I did miss the reference to O’Brien’s Gold Medal brand in David Hughes book.

I believe O’Brien bottled lagers from Allsopp, Wm. Younger and Red Tower. I would guess that this Pilsener was brewed by Allsopp.

Here is the Gold Medal brand label from Phoenix Brewery in Amersfoort, courtesy of Onno.  I thought you might be interested in the design similarities

A bit of a mystery

I have always assumed the top label was an early label produced by Guinness themselves until I was sent the bottom label which probably wasn’t from Guinness themselves. Does anyone know who the bottlers were? The Pilsener label was printed in Glasgow.

LOTY 2019 – Dates for the Diary

We are delighted to announce the following dates, for you to put in your diaries.

LOTY Judging Meeting – Saturday 7th September Venue: Kings Head, Kings Head Passage, Market Square, Aylesbury HP20 2RW

LOTY Charity Meeting – Saturday 12th October  Venue: Adnams PLC. Sole Bay Brewery, Southwold, IP18 6JW

and just in case you missed it, our summer meeting is as below

Saturday 27th July – Royal Oak, Tabard Street, Borough, London, SE1 4JU

More info will be published in due course, but expect great beer, great auctions, food & of course excellent company, of like minded people.


The Society begins eBay sales

The Society has started to sell its surplus labels through eBay. We recently purchased a very large collection of labels, and there is no possibility that the members of our Society will purchase every label in that collection. As our membership will know, our constitution requires that any labels held by the Society must be offered to the membership first, so all labels on offer will be the unsold items from postal, online or meeting auctions. Starting price will always be 99p so there will be bargains, especially if you forgot to bid in the previous auctions. This way of widening the knowledge of beer label collecting and the Society can only benefit both ourselves and the wider collecting community, especially since we are aware that some peoples computer skills don’t extend much beyond find a label, type a number, click submit.

This link will get you to the first of the labels listed, Williams Old Ale

Bids would be most welcome, and on the right hand side of the page is a “see other items” link

Hook Norton Brewery Co Ltd

We are delighted to announce that Hook Norton Brewery Co Ltd are our newest Corporate member.

Further information & label images will be appearing on our site in the near future.

So please check back to see what is new

I must have seen both these Heavy Bitter Ale labels dozens of times. Either the example that has been in my collection for over 30 years or in other peoples collections or on the internet. Today, for the first time I saw these two together and realised. Wow they are so different.