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Committee Update

Extract from current newsletter

After fulfilling the role of Chairman and Honorary Secretary for many years, Dale  Adams has decided to stand down, as of the end of January and has tendered his resignation. Which the Committee have accepted. Personally, and on behalf of the Society, I want to thank Dale all his time and effort devoted to the Society during his tenure, not least for taking on the role of treasurer for a period, as well as organising postal and email auctions and recently, label sales. The committee respects his decision and hopes he continues to enjoy our hobby and remains active in the Society. This inevitably means there will be changes to the composition of the committee, and whether any changes to its structure might be needed is currently under consideration. Should any proposals be made you will of course be kept informed. Steve Baker Editor

You will of course wish to read more about this, the newsletter should be arriving on your doormat in the next day or so.

Two purposes again today. First and it is a tough one this; are there enough differences between these two Oatmeal Stout labels to justify the inclusion of both labels in a collection?

Secondly; we have added labels from John Baxter’s Glen Top Brewery in Waterfoot to our featured brewery section. You can find the images HERE

Burt & Co update

Thanks to Geoff who supplied a couple more images and some accurate historical data for Burt & Co. The updated page can been seen HERE


Two purposes here. One is to let you know that a number of labels from Burt’s Ventnor Brewery have been uploaded to the Featured Brewery section of the website. You can find them HERE

And where does this pair of Burt’s Pale Ale labels fit into the ‘Differences’ discussion. I say discussion, because more than one person has contributed. It would indeed be useful if more members made their views known.


I think Eric has raised an important point here and it would be very interesting to hear others point of view. To help us clarify our thoughts, which of Eric’s categories does this pair of Black Bess Stout labels fit into. Best thing was Geoff bought one of the labels because he wanted the stopper label which went with it and only realised he had a variation of the main label as well, when he opened the packet.

Auction to be held in Peterborough

As I am sure you are aware we are holding our next meeting on  28th April in Peterborough, at The Brewery Tap, 80 Westgate, Peterborough PE1 2AA.

In addition to the chance to socialise with other members, exchange or buy some new labels and of course, enjoy a pint or two of Oakham Ales.

There will once again be an auction of labels from the Des Clarke collection, images of the lots on offer, appear below.






























We hope to see a good crowd on the day

Yet another difference that was previously unknown to me until the label on the left arrived in the post this week. The John Peel XXX Export Ale has been in my collection for a long time and every time I examine the ‘new’ addition, I see another difference. Another lovely addition to the collection.

Sorry to return to Greenall Whitley, but arising from the same email exchange with agm, I noticed another pair with a number of detail differences. Here are a pair of Brown Ale labels, not considered very desirable, but how many collectors out there have both of these?

Thanks to Pete for providing us with the images for this pair of Golden Hop Pale Dinner Ale labels from Alton Court Brewery in Ross-on-Wye. There can’t be many beers from the 1930s which had a 5 word name. I guess there will be several collectors on the lookout for the missing label for their collections.

Today brought home the importance of this website and especially this theme, particularly for those collectors with an interest in the history of the beers and breweries. I guess it is over 35 years since I acquired the beginnings of my label collection. There was a number of post war Greenall’s labels in that box. It is a brewery that I have built up a decent collection of labels. Today I discovered a variation I had not seen before. I was inspired to look through one of my duplicates boxes by an email from agm. Not a sought after label, but I get great pleasure in finding things like this.

So, you need to sort the difference and this will enable you to accurately date at least one the of labels. Let us know.