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Advent Calendar Day 12

A Danish & American collaboration brew today. I am certain that after one of these bottles, the fascinating snippet of history on the label would have been completely unreadable, there should be a warning; ‘Read before you Drink’.

Advent Calendar Day 11

Brewed in Piracicaba, Dama Reserva 6 is a Strong Dark Beer in the Belgian style. They also brew Reserva 5, 7 and 8. All 10.5% but different styles. Reserva 8 is a Russian Imperial Stout and I want one. What an effective marketing idea.

Advent Calendar Day 10

A 20+ year old label today. It’s not all the stuff the millenials drink, especially when you discover a label as eye-catching as this, with an accurate description on the bottle. Yes it’s Strong.

Advent Calendar Day 9

What am I thinking of? A Christmas beer label in the Advent Calendar? Whatever next? For the geographically challenged, Alsace is in France.

Advent Calendar Day 8

A swift return to the English speaking part of the world today’s offering. And the image of the bottle and glass proved popular, so I thought you deserved another.

Advent Calendar Day 7

You will need help with today’s posting, not for the beer, which as you can see is a Smoked Chili IPA with the correct spelling of Chili, or it’s name, which may indicate what heat to expect. It is from the Bakunin Brewery in St Petersburg.

Advent Calendar Day 6

This will probably be the clincher for a few of you; Bogota: not the first city that springs to mind when thinking about beer and label design. Particular congratulations to Charlie for seeing this year’s theme quite early. Quite fitting that someone mainly here for the beer, rather than the labels should be the first.

Advent Calendar Day 5

I thought this one could start a new theme. Unusual names for a brewery. But it works here as well.

Christmas Gifts from the Society

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Advent Calendar Day 4

This one should definitely have been in the ‘Unusual names for a Stout’ theme. But it works here as well. For those keeping a tally, this one is from Poland