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Advent Calendar Day 20

Solution to the first “What song am I listening to” later today, in the meantime, here is this to gaze upon. Unpasteurised and unfiltered, you just can’t get away from them nowadays.

Advent Calendar Day 19

Here is the next set of clues for pieces of music. Not one I have in my collection, but I gave it a listen and decided it was of a sufficiently high standard to appear on this blog. So for those who have not seen it before; artist, album and track please, answers Saturday or Sunday. Please don’t give the answer away, mail it to

Advent Calendar Day 18

Another break from this year’s theme. Hopefully today’s post will get a response from a few knowledgeable people. Pig Brand: not a name that immediately springs to mind when thinking of a snappy name which will boost sales. Comments?

Advent Calendar Day 17

A Winter Warmer today from Canada. Yes it’s a first! I have not come across a bottle containing 473ml before, such an obvious size.

Advent Calendar Day 16

Disappointing return on the “What song is playing in my car?” blog. Only three answers in so far and all correct. But Gary in Indiana not only sent in an answer, but also sent in his own clues. Brilliant and thank you. You will get that on Wednesday. In the meantime, here is the latest in the Strong Beers from around the World theme.

Advent Calendar Day 15

You will need to undertake a little research to find out where this Double Bock fits in to this year’s theme. And what is a Double Bock anyway?

Advent Calendar Day 14

Today is our traditional “What song is playing in my car now?” posting. Use the clues suggested by the labels in this picture to work out the song, album and artist. Please don’t give the answer away, mail it to

Answer and all replies and comments will be published on Wednesday.

Site Update

Apparently I should have been more specific about where labels from the United Kingdom have been added to the site. I was hoping that some of you would spend all day, surfing the site to try to identify the additions. It seems that was unrealistic.

Over the past 6 months, labels have been added to the geographical galleries for Duncan Gilmour, V.F. Rhodes, Palmers, West Auckland, Kirkstall Brewery, Mason, McMullen, Nimmo and Walker & Homfray. In the Alphabetical section there have been one or two additions to G-I and W-Z. Brewers in Scotland, Lancashire and Staffordshire have had a small number of additions.

We have also added links at the bottom of each page in the US States galleries. This makes it easier to browse the whole of the US section without having to go back through the menu structure each time.

Today’s Advent Calendar post is our traditional “What song is playing in my car now?” post, and will come later today.

Advent Calendar Day 13

I hope you don’t mind a label on a can. I am one of those who believes that beer and cans rarely mix, but when you need a label from Japan and this is all you can find, this is what you get.

Site Update

There have been a number of changes to the website recently.

Labels from the Burton Brewery Co are finally sorted and can be found HERE

Labels from S & TN Blake have been added and can be found HERE

The labels from the United States have been re-organised geographically. We are in the process of arranging by State, City and Brewery.

You can access through the Label Galleries tab > Geographical > USA >

Illinois is complete and can be found HERE

Other states and areas are there but unsorted. They will be both sorted and added to before the end of the holidays.

Finally, the have been dozens of individual labels added to the existing brewery pages, you will have to look for them.