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Prospect Hospice & Label Of The Year

Just a quick update on the above. Below is a letter received from Prospect Hospice acknowledging our efforts on their behalf.

Thanks again to everyone who made this possible

I am not sure how this theme will go. I want no comments like ‘ Wrong again, I’ve heard of this one’ or ‘How about posting a label from a brewery I really haven’t heard of?’ I decided against adding ‘from towns you’ve never heard of’ because it might have been too restricting. All of this is because Denis sent in this image with the comment. I think people might like to see this. Too right they would.

A pair of labels here from the Coldstream Brewery in Border country. A difference I was unaware of until I received the images from one of our members (thanks Nick). We usually associate thinner or smaller labels with wartime restrictions on the amount of paper used, but this seems rather minimal.

For those who have not picked up on it yet, labels from the Kingsdown Brewery in Swindon have been added to our featured brewery section and are now corporate members. Here are a pair of Stout labels from soon after they established a bottling line in 1938. This is a slight change of emphasis from our usual posts of relatively common labels which may otherwise go unnoticed; I suspect both of these are quite scarce.

Arkell’s Brewery Ltd

We are delighted to welcome our friends, Arkell’s Brewery Ltd as Corporate members of the Labologists Society.

A link to their website appears, strangely enough on our ‘Links’ page & also on the Arkell’s page from the Corporate Members drop down menu.

Labels from Arkell’s may be found HERE

If you have any labels that do not yet appear on the Arkell’s page, we would welcome a high res .jpeg or .png file. Thanks in advance

Label Of The Year – The Results

Just a quick post to let you know images of the winning labels are now available on the site.

For those of you who missed the LOTY meetings or who are just interested in modern beer labels & graphic design, the pics can be found HERE

Photos of the LOTY meeting, will follow in next day or so, as I am always late with these updates. Sorry


LOTY 2018

Label of the Year 2018 at Arkell’s delightful Brewery in Swindon proved once again that a determined effort by a small group of enthusiasts, with the support of a major brewer could raise a substantial amount of money for a local charity and recognise the excellent design of the labels which sustain our society. And it is a small group! We could not have done this without the work of Pete and Val who spend weeks constructing displays and sorting the labels into sets. A huge thank must go to them. We wouldn’t get the labels without the support of the brewers and members, Keith, Bernie and possibly others who tour the country collecting labels and those brewers who send us their latest designs. We raised £2000 for Swindon Hospice this year and thanks must also go to members of the Society, Graham, Michael, Keith. Nick and Edd the Brewer who donated labels and other brewery memorabilia, old and new for the Charity auction.

We must also thank the staff at Arkell’s for their hospitality, particularly Alex Arkell, who took us on the tour of the brewery and gave us the full story of the way the family had built today’s company. 

Finally, this year’s event celebrated a number of anniversaries. 60 years since the Society was formed, 175 years since Arkell’s Brewery was founded and we also learned that it is 80 years since the bottling line was installed at the brewery. Images of this year’s successful labels and photos from the day will appear very soon.

Arkell’s Brewery today

Well that’s LOTY done for another year! A disappointing turnout by our members, but holding the meeting on a Friday was a first. I doubt we will repeat it any time soon. However on a happier note we raised £2,000 for our hosts charity, the Prospect Hospice.

Lots of older labels, donated by our members were auctioned & it would be fair to say, some absolute bargains were acquired.

Our hosts hospitality was outstanding & an excellent buffet was enjoyed by all. Alex Arkell gave us an entertaing history & tour of the brewery.

We are delighted to welcome Arkells as Corporate members of the Society & look forward to assisting them with research into the history of the breweries labels.

Thanks must go to all of our members, who donated labels or who attended and parted with their hard earned cash. I would also like to thank those who work so hard behind the scenes, visting breweries & bottlers, cutting up labels etc.