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Beer labels added: Hydes Queens Brewery

The above brewery has been added to our ‘Featured Breweries’. Not too many images, so if you have some different ones you would be willing to share with your fellow collectors & other visitors to our site, please get in touch with our webmaster via the ‘Getting in Touch’ page.

This evening we have added labels from the following breweries, Southport Brewery, S & T N Blake, Rochdale & District Clubs, Richard Seed, Phillips & Marriott, Oldfield Brewery, Isle of Wight Brewery, Welsh & Co, George Peters & Holt Brewery Co. There certainly not too many of these around and regrettably none of them appear in my collection.

The above brewery has been added to our ‘Featured Breweries’. A number of very old, rare labels are included. As always we will happily add images as & when they become available to us. Feel free to let us show off your labels, our webmaster is waiting to hear from you. Contact him via our ‘Getting in Touch’ page as usual.

As doing these pairs appears to have become habit forming. Here is today’s second pair.

Garne comparative

One very obvious difference between these two, but can you see the more subtle ones. At least 3 or 4 I think, have a close look. You may be surprised.

This post is for ‘members only ‘ only we are afraid. If you are intending to join us for LOTY 2013 in Bedford, Please remember to book your place(s) with our Treasurer.

You may do this 1) via our ‘Getting in Touch’ page or 2) by telephone or post. If you do not have the old technology details to hand then 1) applies. Or email ‘Members’ via our ‘Getting in Touch’ page.

At the present we are expecting over 30 people to attend, so why not add your name(s) to the list & perhaps we can make this nearer to the forty mark.

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Book your place today, you know you will regret if you don’t.

Henry Dampier, Strood, Kent

A rare Light Dinner Ale from the above brewery has been added to our Gallery page ‘D-F’. This courtesy of one of our overseas members, thanks B.

The above brewery has just been added to the Featured Breweries pages. If you have any labels from this brewery that are not currently shown. Perhaps you would consider sharing scans of them, with your fellow collectors and other visitors to our site. Should you choose to help out, then please scan the labels individually at 300 dpi and save as jpegs or pdfs. it would help no end if the files were titled with the brewery & the beer name. Our webmaster will be delighted to receive whatever you care to share. He can be contacted via our ‘Getting in Touch’ page. Thanks in advance on behalf of Labologists everywhere.

Visitors to

A great big ‘Thank You’ to all of our visitors thus far. We were delighted to go through the 15,000 barrier this morning. For what someone once called a niche hobby, I guess we are doing something right. We hope that the greater degree of exposure our hobby is receiving, will result in new people joining the Society and that it will also promote our charitable fund raising efforts via our Label Of The Year event.

Considering this site only went live on June 12th this year. It means that we are receiving over 145 visitors a day, which equates to over 1,000 every week and yes I can’t resist it, over 4,400 every month. OK enough of the numbers already, we hope that the new content that we are adding will mean plenty of return visits. ‘Thanks again’

Facebook & Twitter link in place

Just a quick post to let you all know that this blog is now linked to both our Facebook & Twitter accounts. Anything posted here is automatically published on both of the social media sites. This will allow users of Facebook & Twitter to quickly read the full new post, by following the relevant link. Hopefully this will increase our exposure & help to promote both the Society itself and our fund raising for charity via Label Of The Year.