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A stopper label today from Pontypridd United Breweries, which was registered in 1903 to merge David Leyshon of the Graig Brewery and the Newbridge-Rhondda Brewery Co Ltd of the Glenview Brewery, both in Pontypridd. Brewing continued at the Glenview Brewery until the company was bought out by Rhondda Valley Breweries in 1918 and closed.

The Coombe Valley Brewery Co Ltd was registered in 1905. This label would appear to pre-date that; the company was organised to continue the business begun by A.J.P & J.H.S Annesley and although the monogram is APJ, surely there is a connection with the previous owners. The company was bankrupt by 1908.

A William Robert Harding was listed at the King’s Arms Brewery, Bradford-on-Avon in 1898. No information as to registration as Harding & Co Ltd, but it may have became the Bravon Brewery operated by S. Ruddle & Son although actual addresses differ.

The Royal Well Brewery Co Ltd was registered in 1903 as the merger of the Royal Well Brewery and Allen Brothers who owned breweries in Worcester and Malvern. This label may date from before then. Voluntary liquidation in 1931.

This company was formed by the merger of Brackenbed Brewery, Halifax and Windmill Hill Brewery, Northowram in 1900 and bought the Albion Brewery, Warley in 1902. Acquired by Ramsden’s in 1919 and closed. We are assuming that at some time one of the breweries was renamed Warley Springs.

It is really amazing the labels you come across when you are not really looking for them. Charles Watkins owned the Imperial Brewery in Hereford and when he retired in 1898 he sold the brewery to the Tredegar Brewery Co, which registered in 1899 as the Tredegar & Hereford Brewery Co Ltd. Eventually to Cheltenham & Hereford Brewery Co Ltd, then West Country Breweries, then Whitbread.


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