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As you all bask in this tropical weather & the continuing success of the England football team

 Just thought that we would remind you of the above meeting in London, this is a joint meeting with the other breweriana collecting societies.

The venue, as usual for London is the Royal Oak,  44 Tabard Street, London, SE1 4JU, which is an excellent Harvey’s pub.

Always a good choice of ales & food. Very close to Borough Market for those of you who fancy some food or beer shopping.

And perhaps the highlight of the day is another auction of labels from Des Clarke’s collection. We afraid that only members of our society may take part in this.

Images of what’s on offer appear below and we are calling this one, the ABC auction. We think the reason will be obvious.




Site Update

Regular visitors will have noticed the changes to the top level menus, but may have missed some of the additions, there have been so many. In no particular order, labels have been added from these breweries; first, our corporate members: Harvey & Sons are HERE, Fullers are HERE and Shepherd Neame are HERE

You will also find Evan Evans Bevan of the Vale of Neath Brewery HERE   J Hamer of Bromley Cross, Bolton HERE  and Shaw’s Dukinfield Brewery HERE

In addition we have added a number of labels to the Alphabetical section, see if you can spot some, to Bentley’s Yorkshire Breweries, Ramsden’s and Westoe.

A trio today. Not our usual, here is a design difference you may not have noticed before, which has helped many a collector find labels to add to their collection at little cost. No-one is going to pick up one of these three for next to nothing. However, I guess many of you will be happy to gaze and hope. It is also an opportunity to point out that Fullers are one of our Corporate members and as well as having a prominent position on our website, a wonderful display of their labels can be found in our gallery HERE

Label Of The Year Charity 2018

We are pleased to announce that our hosts for the 35th edition of LOTY, Arkell’s Brewery Ltd, have chosen a local charity.

The charity is the very deserving Prospect Hospice, based in Swindon.

We are all aware of the care provided by hospices around the country.

So we look forward to all of you making a special effort once again this year.

Thank you in advance for parting with loads of dosh!

AGM this Saturday @ Shepherd Neame

Just to remind you that we are fortunate to be holding this year’s AGM at Britain’s oldest brewer in Faversham.

You can find the full timetable here AGM Timetable

IMPORTANT: If you are planning on joining the brewery tour then please wear closed toe footwear!!!!

If you wear sandals or flip flops or similar, you don’t get to do the tour. Health & Safety requirement, no excuses. End of!!

Also if you should need reminding further, the labels up for auction can be found here AGM Auction Labels

We look forward to seeing lots of you on Saturday.

Unusual to feature a label from Watney on here, but this pair does raise a few questions. Is this a Combes label? The trade mark is certainly pre merger, but the whole label design says Watney. We could have put this in the mystery label section. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Where’s It gone , Then?

We are continuing with the site update & you will notice a good number of the ‘old favourites’, have disappeared.

All of our galleries can now be found under the top level Label Galleries button.

Some of the names have also changed, but we think you will find your way around with no trouble. If not let us know!

Featured Breweries have become Geographical and the old Gallery has become A to Z Gallery.

The others are pretty much the same, but a few entries will be moving to new homes.

Any feedback or comments (polite ones please) are always welcome

Did You See It, Yet

What are they waffling about today, you may well ask.

Well those regular visitors may notice some changes to the placing of items on our main menu.

This is the very first stage of a planned upgrade to the site.

Various items will be moving as we re-organise prior to a much needed facelift.

This will take some time as we are planning this very carefully, unlike some people we could mention.

So fear not, our blog pages will keep you aware the changes, as the elves juggle their widgets & thingamajigs.

As we celebrate the 35th edition of Label Of The Year (LOTY) and the 60th anniversary of the founding of our Society.

It is we feel, fitting that we can join with our hosts for this year, Arkell’s Brewery Ltd in Swindon, to celebrate their 175th anniversary.

We have mentioned elsewhere that the Society needs to define it’s path for the future, so for the first time our premier meeting will be held on a Friday.

So please add to your diary in BIG RED letters, Friday October 5th (just like that). More details will follow as they become available, but please book the days off.

So please join us at Arkell’s & help to push our running total of money raised for charity, past the £70,000 mark.

AGM @ Shepherd Neame – The Auction

OK so we are closing in on yet another AGM. A very important one this year, so in addition to your desire to help shape the future of the Society.

You will no doubt be interested to see what is up for grabs in the auction. Wonder, no more, the images follow below



We look forward to seeing a good crowd in Faversham!


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