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LOTY 2019

Just a quick update on today, more to follow.

A new record charity donation today at Adams PLC. A great day & many thanks to all who helped out & those who put their hands in their pockets.

We handed a cheque to Fresh Start – New Beginings for £3,300 RESULT!

Spot the Difference #164; Arthur Guinness

Not often that small variations of early Guinness labels get a mention on here. Thanks to Mat for sending in these images of Extra Stout bottled by Lacon of Great Yarmouth. And when you do see the difference, does it raise a question or two?

Our gallery of Lacon’s labels can be seen HERE

LOTY auction lots

Here are the images of most, but not all of the labels for the auction at Adnams Brewery on Saturday 12th October. This is a charity auction and all proceeds will go to Adnams chosen charity, which is ‘Fresh Start- New Beginnings’, a children’s charity, providing a therapeutic service for victims of child sexual abuse, working across Suffolk and Norfolk.

So be prepared to bid slightly more or even a lot more than you normally would for these labels. As this is a charity auction, we accept bids from ANYONE. Send your bids to

Our thanks go to all those members and collectors who have kindly donated labels for this auction.

More images added at bottom of post! And some more. 52 lots now

Site Update 2

A number of visitors to the site have taken a look at the images of labels from Shrewsbury & Wem and now we have added more. There are some very early labels and again we have to thank to Keith for providing the photos. They are HERE

Also we have added a Christmas Stout label to the huge array of stunning labels from Rogers of the Jacob Street Brewery in Bristol. It is HERE near the bottom of the page and apparently quite scarce.

Site Update

We have just added labels from the Shrewsbury & Wem Brewery Co to the site. The labels can be found HERE

Additionally another example has been added the Daniell & Sons of West Bergholt. Thanks to whoever sent the image in.

I have also been asked to add labels from Greene King of Bury St Edmunds to the site. There are a substantial number of their labels in existence and I have added them to the to-do list, which is now quite long.

Spot the Difference #163; The Crystal Brewery

No-one could possibly describe me as a cynic, except possibly when discussing the promises of government politicians for the last ten years, but I do have suspicions about the Crystal Brewery. Surely a bottler wouldn’t make up a brewery as a marketing ploy, that’s a 21st century action, isn’t it?

Proof Read Fail

Needs no comment from me really, although you are all OK to do so.

In case you don’t read your emails or you have seriously upset your postie, then here are images of the labels for the auction on Saturday 7th September.

As you know we accept commission bids from MEMBERS ONLY. Send your bids to

A nice selection I am sure you will agree. We look forward to seeing you in Aylesbury

Mystery Label #31

We have been asked about this label. The usual searches are no help; could it be that it is another of those labels from Belgium that are intended to create the illusion that the beer is from the UK?

Spot the Difference #162; W.J.Rogers Ltd

Two labels from Rogers of Bristol that may be new to many of you. A substantial selection is now available to view HERE A big thank you to Keith for providing many of the images

However, viewing this page comes with a warning, it may provoke feelings of despondency or even despair.

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