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Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware!

We have had rather sad advice regarding a collector/seller in Australia.

We received the following letter from one of our members.

We have removed  identifying details, but none the less be aware that this may happen to any of us.

Sadly as many of you will be aware, this is not confined to the southern hemisphere.

We have received many reports of similar or worse behavior here in the UK.


London Meeting 27th July

OK so it’s been a while since we dragged the keyboard out. But, hey we have work, exams, holidays & seasonal viruses to contend with.

Not to mention the really important things in life.

You all are just chilling with a beer or three, enjoying our wonderful summer. (Well maybe just the beer then)

So we have our summer meeting with the guys from ABBC at the Royal Oak in Borough.

Once again there will be an auction for members only to take part in. Just one of the benefits of becoming a member of the Society.

To whet your appetite, images of what’s up for grabs appear below. Remember we do now accept commission bids from our members.

You will have received an email regarding this, if you are up to date with your subs!!



There may even be a surprise lot or two, for the benefit of those who are present on the day.

Nothing too rare, honestly


Finally found some time to add labels from J. W. Lees, our latest corporate members to the site. To lure you in, here are a pair of Light Ale labels from the 1960s with a very slight difference in the shades of red, blue and yellow, and also the lettering. 

Welcome to J W Lees & Co (Brewers) Ltd

As you will already know if you were at the recent AGM. We are delighted to welcome J W Lees, to the Society as our latest Corporate Member.

A brief history & some example labels will appear on the relevant menu in the near future. I dare say Peter has plans for more label images to appear as soon as time allows.

Time has finally allowed, although still work in progress.

After the Society AGM at Harvey’s Brewery in Lewes, there will be a brief report both here and in the Newsletter. Meanwhile the auction provided another previously unrecorded pair of Sandow Strong labels. I appreciate the price paid was probably in excess of what a sane person would have paid, but you can’t take it with you. Both labels are 1930s or earlier and I suspect the label on the left is the older. But when?

AGM Reminder

Yes it is that time again. AGM this Saturday at Harvey’s in Lewes.

Apparently some conflicting info out there re start time.

The AGM commences at 12.30, so please don’t arrive too early, but don’t be late either.

Hope to see a good crowd

Site Update

Apologies to all those who thought we had all died last weekend. All is now well and we should be free from the blue screen of death for the foreseeable future.

In the last few days we have begun to add images of labels from our latest Corporate member’  Donnington Brewery. There is still work to do to add a page to the Gallery. However we have added some attractive labels for Bristol United Breweries. You can find these HERE

Possibly the first labels we have featured from the Ashwell Brewery; this pair of Special Brown Ale labels needs little introduction and we are unlikely to find a reason for the variation.

I know we only featured a pair of Pale Ale labels from the South London Brewery quite recently, but I have just stumbled across this pair. Same beer but I guess slightly later examples. I can’t even begin to guess what might have prompted this very minor change.

I have to admit, this is another pair that I didn’t know existed. Another thank you to Nick for sending the images in. If only more members had the time and energy to send in their ‘finds’. The question these two Strong Ale labels raises is: ‘ why? ‘

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