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A thank you to another of our contributors for this pair of Sobright, which I believe to be a Pale Ale, labels from Border breweries of Wrexham. There are some quite subtle differences here and we think there will be a few people out there looking through both their collection and their spares box.


Unusual names for a Stout #21; The

We will finish this series of unusual Stout names with what I think is the strangest name of them all.  Nalder & Collyer of Croydon produced a number of Stouts, but this one is The Stout. What was it about this brew that warranted that name? Perhaps a brewer or manager with a sense of humour?

Not quite as unusual as some of the recent posts, but a double message to drinkers that this stout was a health benefit. Ushers Stout was both good for invalids and nourishing for the able bodied as well. This post was inspired by a listing on eBay which prompted a quick search through the collection.


This was suggested by Onno who follows us from the Netherlands. He describes it as ‘incredible’ and who am I to disagree? A bit weak when compared to the Speedway, but strong when compared which almost everything else. ‘vol donker en krachtig’  translates as ‘full of dark and powerful’; I want a bottle.

Unusual names for a Stout #18; Speedway

Thank you to another of our eagle eyed followers who alerted me to this monster brew. Available in a bottle of more than a pint and a quarter and in a can of a US pint, at 12% ABV this would appear to be a speedway to oblivion. I would need a couple of mates to share a bottle.

Unusual names for a Stout #17; Monarch

Lovely old label from Rogers of Bristol. I suppose this works better than King Stout or Queen Stout but exactly what or who does it actually refer to?

On Saturday in the Brunswick, Derby, while looking through an album of Hampshire labels which one of our members had brought along, amongst the magnificent labels which many of us will never have in our collections I saw a pair of Imperial Pale Ale labels from the Victory Brewery. Now they are much more accessible and after a quick search through my spares, I found the example on the left. Another label added to the collection for over a thousand pounds less than a Flint of Canterbury label.

Unusual names for a Stout #15; K Luncheon

Nice old label from Devenish & Co and I can understand Luncheon Stout, but why did they need to add the K in front. Is that similar to the use of AK and KK by other brewers?

Unusual names for a Stout #14; Obsidian

What can only be described as a passable attempt to combine three different bottle pictures into one post for Deschutes Brewery Obsidian Stout. A beer I have drunk and really enjoyed on every trip to the US.

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