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Morgan’s Brewery Co Ltd

This major brewery was founded in 1720, registered in 1887 and by 1904 controlled over 600 tied houses. Jointly acquired by local breweries, Steward & Patteson Ltd and Bullard & Sons who carved up the estate between them. The brewery was owned by Bullard until 1964 when it passed to Watney Mann Ltd and became the longest surviving traditional brewery in Norwich until closure in 1985.

Old Tom Imperial Nip 1920s

SK Brown Ale 1920s

Brown Ale 1930s

Guinness Extra Stout pre 1936

Bitter stopper strap

Light Bitter stopper strap

East Anglian Light Bitter 1950s v1

East Anglian Light Bitter 1950s v2

East Anglian Pale Ale 1950s

East Anglian Stout 1950s

Double Fifty 1950s

Indian Brown Ale 1950s