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Workington Brewery Co Ltd

The brewery was founded in 1792. The Workington Brewery was registered in 1891 to acquire the business formally owned by P & T Iredale.  The company was purchased by Mount Charlotte Investments in 1973 and sold on to Matthew Brown & Co in 1975 who renamed it the Lakeland Lager Brewery. All brewing had ceased by 1988, when it was owned by Scottish & Newcastle and surplus to requirements.

Bantam Beer 1930s

Bantam Workington 1930s

Fine Extra Stout 1930s

Old Ale 1930s

John Peel Stout 1940s

John Peel Old Ale 1940s

John Peel Stout 1940s

John Peel Stout 1950s

John Peel Pale Ale 1950s

John Peel Old Ale 1950s

John Peel Export Ale XXX 1950s

John Peel Export Ale 1960s

John Peel Old Ale 1960s

John Peel Pale Ale 1960s

John Peel Stout 1960s