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Whitwell, Mark & Co. Ltd

The brewery was founded in 1757 (why is that date familiar?) by John Whitwell and registered as a private company in 1883. Acquired by Vaux & Associated Breweries in 1947 and continued to brew until closure in 1968. The name Whitwell Mark gradually disappeared from the labels. The brewery is now the Brewery Arts Centre.

Auld Kendal 1930s v1

Auld Kendal 1930s v2

Auld Kendal1940s

Auld Kendal 1950s

Auld Kendal 1960s

Guinness Pre 1936

Double Six Amber Ale 1930s

Double Six Amber Ale 1940s

East India Pale Ale in use 1930s

East India Pale Ale1940s

Light Brown Mild Ale 1930s

Light Brown Mild Ale 1940s

Westmorland Ale 1957