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Mystery Label #15

Another offering from Dale A. He would like any info or suggestions regarding this label.

Royal Stout full size

Dale tells us the following

This is a rather large label being 7.8cm wide & 10.0cm tall. On the lower left edge there is some writing but I am not sure what it says.

Is this a English label or maybe from Belgium? Could it be what was called a ‘printers standard’ label?

Below is an enlarged image of the text from the lower left edge, hope this helps someone to ID this label.

Royal Stout mag


So over to you, label detectives!

7 Responses to Mystery Label #15

  • Will have a good check of all my paperwork , but I seem to remember I had it under Wards Foxearth. grrrrrrrr need to try and find my pic of it and what I had written and why. Alan

  • Hi Alan,
    Had a chance to research any info on this Mystery Label yet? Your original post has me on tender hooks!

  • It is a Belgium label (and certainly not from Foxearth). The writing at the bottom is a printer’s mark

  • Hi Mike
    Many thanks for your info! It is great to have your knowledge & expertise being contributed to helping to solve some of our Mystery Labels! Please keep up the input as it is much appreciated!

  • Dear Mr Adams,

    This beer label is from Belgium as Michael Jones is saying already.
    To be precise it is a label from :
    Brouwerij E. Van Hoorebeke from Assenede, East Flanders. A brewery that closed in 1975

    Kind Regards

  • Hi Robert
    Many thanks for your confirmation and the additional detail! I am not really very knowledgeable about Belgium breweries past or present although I did enjoy a fair quantity of Belgium beer on a recent trip to Ghent. While exploring the historic centre, I managed to find a lovely tiny pub that served four excellent beers on draft which I found very drinkable. I thought that their sale of draft beer as opposed to bottles to be a bit unusual in my somewhat limited experience.
    Cheers and thank you for you input!

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