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E. & H. Kelsey Ltd

The Culverden Brewery was first purchased by the Kelsey family in 1851. The Company was registered as E & H Kelsey in 1920 to amalgamate the Culverden Brewery with Thomas Phillips of West Malling. Acquired by J W Green in 1948, ceased brewing in 1955/6 and demolished in the 1960s.

Special Club Ale pre-1920 v2

Special Club Ale pre-1920 v1

Light Bitter No 1 1920s

Dinner Ale 1920s

Strong Ale No 4 1920s

XXX Special Winter Ale 1920s

Oatmalt Stout cap seal

Nut Brown Ale cap seal

Dinner Ale 1930s

Light Bitter No 1 1930s

Nut Brown Ale 1930s pint

Nut Brown Ale 1930s half pint

Oatmeal Stout No 7 1930s

Stout No 5 1930s

Strong Ale no 4 1930s

Home Brewed Bitter Ale 1940s

Burton Ale 1940s

Club Ale 1940s

Culverden All Malt Stout 1940s

Culverden Burton Ale 1951/2

Culverden Milk Stout 1951/2

Culverden Nut Brown Ale 1951/2

Culverden Oatmeal Stout 1951/2

Culverden Pale Ale 1951/2 half pint

Culverden Pale Ale 1951/2 pint

Culverden Strong Ale 1951/2

All Malt Stout 1952

Burton Ale 1952

Nut Brown Ale 1952

Pale Ale 1952


5 Responses to E. & H. Kelsey Ltd

  • hi there. The old Kelsey brewery , by then part of Flowers (Southern), ceased brewing and closed in 1962, after being bought by Whitbreads. My Dad worked there from 1936 until 1962. I was 10 when it closed, and remember it well.

  • Hi R Brown loved your comment. I am trying to complete a monologue on Kelseys and would welcome any comments. pictures etc.. Guy Sankey. Tunbridge Wells

  • Hello Guy. Am getting a bit confused as to who is doing the research on Kelsey’s. I’ve already sent some stuff to the “E&H Kelseys, Culverden Brewery, Tunbridge Wells” facebook page. Is that you? There has also been some discussion on the “RTW Past and Present” facebook site.

    Could you send me your email address? Then I’ll be happy to tell you what I know about the company with stories and pics etc.

    Hope to hear from you soon, Roger

  • Hi Roger, thanks and yes that is me!! Have been off the case for the winter but researches starting now I am back in Tunbridge Wells. my email is or 07817407552 thanks Guy Sankey

  • It appears that Kelsey built a pub/house at Charcott (now the Greyhound) in 1854. A surprising decision as there was little habitation and no well used through route at that time. Were they growing hops or barley there? Wonder whether you have any info. John Stevens,

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