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E. & H. Kelsey Ltd

The Culverden Brewery was first purchased by the Kelsey family in 1851. The Company was registered as E & H Kelsey in 1920 to amalgamate the Culverden Brewery with Thomas Phillips of West Malling. Acquired by J W Green in 1948, ceased brewing in 1955/6 and demolished in the 1960s.

Special Club Ale pre-1920 v2

Special Club Ale pre-1920 v1

Light Bitter No 1 1920s

Dinner Ale 1920s

Strong Ale No 4 1920s

XXX Special Winter Ale 1920s

Oatmalt Stout cap seal

Nut Brown Ale cap seal

Dinner Ale 1930s

Light Bitter No 1 1930s

Nut Brown Ale 1930s pint

Nut Brown Ale 1930s half pint

Oatmeal Stout No 7 1930s

Stout No 5 1930s

Strong Ale no 4 1930s

Home Brewed Bitter Ale 1940s

Burton Ale 1940s

Club Ale 1940s

Culverden All Malt Stout 1940s

Culverden Burton Ale 1951/2

Culverden Milk Stout 1951/2

Culverden Nut Brown Ale 1951/2

Culverden Oatmeal Stout 1951/2

Culverden Pale Ale 1951/2 half pint

Culverden Pale Ale 1951/2 pint

Culverden Strong Ale 1951/2

All Malt Stout 1952

Burton Ale 1952

Nut Brown Ale 1952

Pale Ale 1952


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