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Mystery Label #12

Now that a very well known label collecting & charity event is over for another year. I can rejoin the fray to add more content to the site, in the hope that more of you will pick up your albums, dust them off and help us to answer these mysteries. Indeed this one could be a mystery of the deep


So, what do we make of this one then? No doubt you will be falling over each other to tell us who brewed this, could this be Scottish. As I believe breweries from north of the border often used ‘Brewed & Bottled in Great Britain’. Looking forward to hearing from you.

3 Responses to Mystery Label #12

  • This is definitely bottled by J P O’Brien. David Hughes book on Guinness states that they registered the brand name in 1901. It is possible that the lager was brewed in Wrexham or Manchester, but not certain of course. There must be records somewhere.

  • Thanks that’s another one I can file away correctly.

  • Yes a JPO’BRIEN label . I will dig out a few other brands that were also from them . Banjo , Ajax , Lily , Tribute , Cascade , Umbrella , Neck & Neck , Target , Champion , Dagger , Ambassador !! I remember 3 different Lily lady labels , a large and small size Banjo label , and Ambassador label probably the rarest.

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