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Mystery label #7

OK folks we are back to Dale’s selections for the time being.

This neck strap is from a bottler and I don’t think the initials are for ‘Internet Bottling Company’ as this one has been in my possession since early 1992 and I am pretty sure that pre-dates the good old inter-web by some time!

Mystery Label # 6
So can you name the bottler company and maybe who they would have likely been bottling for when this label was in use? Also any info on the date of use would be very interesting.

After a discussion with Mike J at Windsor & Eton Brewery last weekend, we decided it was from The Irish Bonding Company of Belfast. I can find no reference to the company in the 1949 Brewers Directory but have Courage and Courage Barclay labels bottled by them in the late 1950s. The company was bought by Guinness in 1972.

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