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Mystery label #8

My turn to contribute to this popular series. We have been really pleased by the number and quality of the responses. Keep them flooding in. Here is one I have had for a number of years. Who bottled it and possibly a more difficult question, who brewed it? I have even wondered whether it is one of those Belgian labels designed to look like a locally brewed beer.

Three Crowns

Excellent !!!! Not sure why these comments and even the scan have made me grin !! My views , NOT UK !! Shame Keith or Mike haven’t written their views AGM

OK, so I don’t have a clue either, but what if it is K A rather than A K. A quick flick thru Century throws up the following 2 possibilities. Kay’s Atlas Brewery or Knotty Ash Brewery. Mind you Alastair’s comment about ‘Crown’ rather than ‘Crowns’ may well blow my suggestion out of the water. Mind you do the Crown(s) look British? They may well do, so brewed overseas in the ‘colonies’.

It might be from Rogers Jacob Street Brewery, Bristol. As well as using the “crossed bottles” trademark which appears on most of their labels from the early teens of C20th till closure in the 1950s, they also used “AK” as their trademark from the latter part of the C19th since it was their most popular beer. The “AK ” in the mystery label could be their AK trademark although a little more “curly wurly” in style. However, the fact that the label is for “Three Crown” rather than “Three Crowns” is indicative of someone who designed it not being aware English grammar and, therefore, could point to the label being foreign. Mmm – a bit tricky, eh?

Hi Peter D
If it is an ‘A H’ at the bottom of this mystery label, would lead me to think that it was maybe from Arnold & Hancock Ltd.
But it looks more like ‘A K’ and although a big clue, I don’t have a clue as to who that is!

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