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E Mason & Co Ltd

Established at the Waterside Brewery in the middle of the 19th century, brothers Edward and Allen continued businesses started by their father. Progress was relatively uneventful until they were bought out by Shepherd Neame in 1956, by which time the company had built up an estate of either 55 or 80 pubs, it depends which book you read. Although I was around and visited Maidstone in the early 50s I didn’t count the pubs.

Oatmeal Stout very early label

India Pale Ale very early label

Single Stout very early label

Oatmeal Stout very early label

Extra Double Stout also early

Dinner Ale very early label

Bonnie Brown Ale 1930s label

Extra Double Stout 1930s label

Pale Ale 1930s label

Jubillee Milk Stout 1930s

Strong Ale 1930s label

Strong Ale 1930s label but smaller

Bonnie Brown Ale 1940s label

Bonnie Brown Ale brown post war label

Bonnie Brown Ale orange post war label

Bonnie Brown Ale red post war label

Extra Special Xmas Ale post war label

Jubillee Mellow Stout post war label

Oatmeal Stout post war label

Strong Ale post war label

Pale Ale post war label

K Pale Bitter Ale post war label

Stopper label