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Bentley’s Old Brewery (Rotherham) Ltd

The Old Brewery was founded by Robert Bentley in 1840. The Company was not registered until 1949 and succumbed to the advances of Hammond’s United Breweries in 1956. The brewery closed soon afterwards.

Dinner Ale in use 1920s

Pale Ale in use 1920s

Nut Brown Ale in use 1920s

Empire Ale 1937 Coronation

Pale Ale in use 1930s

Old Ale in use 1930s

Empire Old Ale in use 1930s

Dinner Ale in use 1930s

Timothy Strong Ale in use 1930s

Timothy Strong Ale in use 1940s

No 1 Ale 1940 50s

Brown Stout 1940s

Pale Ale 1940 50s v2

Pale Ale 1940 50s v3

Brown Stout 1940 50s v3

Brown Stout 1940 50s v4

Empire Old Ale 1950s

Timothy Strong Ale 1950s

Elizabethan Ale

Pale Ale 1950s

Brown Stout 1950s


3 Responses to Bentley’s Old Brewery (Rotherham) Ltd

  • Can you help was their ever a brewery on Knollbeck Lane Brampton Bierlow Barnsley South Yorkshire as I believe my house was the brewery

  • South Yorkshire Stingo by David Lloyd Parry has a brief entry on Brampton Bierlow which states the following:
    Bull’s Head
    James Ashton was publican-brewer here in 1879.

    I’m currently working with Rotherham licensing records from around that period so will have a look to see whether there is any supporting or contradictory information in there.

  • … and the licensing records rather discredit there having been a Bull’s Head brewery on Knollbeck Lane in 1879 (perhaps a typo on the year?). Still a lot of investigating to do, but at the moment I’d wager that if there ever was a brewery producing beer on that stretch of road it had ceased operations by 1866 at the very lastest.

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