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Greenall Whitley & Co. Ltd, Warrington

The Wilderspool Brewery in Warrington was founded a few years after the St Helens operation in 1787. It lasted a little longer closing in 1990.


No 1 Strong Ale in use 1920s

Pale Ale in use 1920s

Extra Stout in use 1920s

Extra Stout in use 1930s

Bitter Beer in use 1930s

Family Ale in use 1930s

Strong Ale in use 1930s

Tenpenny in use 1930s

Victory Ale 1945

E G Greenall 21st Birthday 1949

Brown Ale post war

Brown Ale post war for North Wales

Old Ale post war label

Family Ale post war

Pale Ale post war label

Pale Ale post war label for North Wales

Strong Ale post war

Festival Ale 1951

Brown Ale 1950s

Pale Ale 1950s

Brown Ale 1950s 60s

Pale Ale 1950s 60s

Old Chester Ale 1950s 60s

Extra Stout 1950s 60s


2 Responses to Greenall Whitley & Co. Ltd, Warrington

  • I have an unopened bottle of greenall whitley chester brown. Is it still drinkable?

  • Hi Max

    Probably not. It would need to be a lot higher in alcohol to keep for this long. There are bottled beer collectors who may be interested.

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