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Bentley’s Yorkshire Breweries Ltd

The brewery was founded as the Oulton Brewery by Henry Bentley in 1828. The name was adopted in 1893 to combine Henry Bentley & Co and Yorkshire Breweries Ltd. Renamed the  Eshaldwell Brewery at around the same time.  Acquired by Whitbread and Co in 1968 as part of that Company’s desperate attempt to keep pace with the post war merger mania. Finally closed in 1972. Thanks to Jeff for sending the original images and stimulating this entry.

Dinner Ale early issue

Old Timothy early issue

Nourishing Stout 1920s

Bentley Tawny Nut Brown Ale

Bentley GB Ale

Bentley Golden Bitter Ale

Bentley Old Timothy

Bentley Extra Stout

Bentley Nourishing Stout

Bentley Special Pale Ale 2

Bentley Special Pale Ale

Bentley ELDA v1

Bentley ELDA v2

Bentley Eshald Ale v1

Bentley Eshald Ale v2

Bentley Coronation Ale

Bentley Timothy Old Ale post takeover label