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Tomson & Wotton Ltd

The brewery was founded in 1634, as advertised in their later beer labels, and bought by Thomas Tomson in 1680. It was registered as a private company in 1892. Tomson & Wotton merged with Gardner & Co Ltd of Ash in 1851 to form Combined Breweries, although the names of both companies continued to be used. The much loved brewery was swept up in the wave of late 1960s acquisitions by Whitbread and closed within months.

Light Bitter Ale pre 1926

Generic price label

Allbright No. 2 1920s

Allbright Prize Medal 1920s

Double Allbright 1920s

Allbright Prize Medal 1930s


Jubilee Ale 1935

Nourishing Stout 1930s

Nourishing Stout 1930s

Tomson & Wotton Ltd Coronation Ale 1937

Dinner Ale

Oatmeal Stout

Oatmeal Stout

Light Bitter Ale

stopper labels

1930s Double Stout

1930s Double Allbright

1930s Double Thatch

Guinness pre 1936

1940s Double Stout

1940s Double Thatch



Light Bitter Ale 1940s

Dinner Ale 1940s

Coronation Ale 1953

Guinness post 1936

T & W Double Allbright v1

T & W Double Allbright v2

T & W Double Stout v1

T & W Double Stout v2

T & W Double Thatch v1

T & W Double Thatch v2

T & W 1960s Allbright Pale Ale

T & W 1960s Oatmeal Stout

T & W 1960s Samson Oatmeal Stout

T & W 1960s Samson Sweet Stout

T & W 1960s Thatch Brown Ale

Tom Brown Ale 1960s

1960s stopper labels