International Society of Label Collectors & British Brewery Research

Brewers D-F

Dales Brewery - Special Ale

Dawlish Brewery - Dinner Ale

Day & Son - India Pale Ale

Devanha Brewery Ltd - East India Pale Ale

Duck and Reed - No1 Strong Ale

Dymore Brown - Family Pale Ale

Edwin Finn & Sons Stout

Elgood & Sons Ltd - Dinner Ale

Elgood & Sons Ltd - Light Bitter Ale

Farnborough - Fox & Sons, Farnborough Brewery

Farrimonds - Pale Ale

Farrimonds Mild Ale

Faulder's Brewery Co Ltd - Pale Ale

Fergusons Ltd - Oatmeal Stout

Friary Holroyd & Healys Breweries Ltd - Double Stout

Fuller Smith & Turner India Pale Ale

George Trussell Eaton Extra Stout

Herne Bay - Flinn & Co, Burton Brewery

J Fulton & Co - Table Beer

J. Fryer & Sons - Pale Ale

Jas Fox & Sons Ltd Vixen

John Elworthy Ltd - Famous Bitter

Lydd - Edwin Finn & Sons Ltd, Pale Ale Brewery

Maidstone - Fremlin Brothers Ltd, Pale Ale Brewery

Strood - Henry Dampier, Frindsbury Brewery

Thomas Danes & Son - Aylesford Ginger Ale